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Chapter 4 of the enhanced oil recovery field case studies is titled "Polymer Flooding Practice in Daqing."

In order to improve oil recovery from aged fields, this chapter presents polymer flooding applications as a mobility control and profile modification procedure.

The greatest oil field use of polymer flooding, the Daqing Oilfield, is summarized in terms of its successful experience.

Future polymer flood applications elsewhere in oil fields with suitable reservoir conditions will greatly benefit from the expertise.

Technologies have been created that expand on conventional notions of the ideal circumstances for polymer flooding to improve mobility.

These technologies were developed based on laboratory research and field applications at Daqing.

These consist of: 1.

The permeability differences between the oil zones and the interwell connectivity should be taken into account while designing the well pattern and oil stratum.


When creating a polymer project, such as profile modification, the injection processes and formulation are critical considerations.

Chapter 6 of Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Case Studies, Alkaline Flooding

The basics of alkaline flooding, such as a comparison of alkalis, alkaline reactions with crude oil, water, and reservoir rock, and alkaline flooding mechanisms, are briefly discussed in this chapter.

Alkaline injection quantities and concentrations, as well as field application settings, are examples of typical field injection data.

Finally, we discuss two cases of mobility control in Russia, one of high alkaline concentration in Hungary, one of caustic flooding in India, three cases in the United States, and one case in a heavy oil field in Canada.

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