Annual salary of 300,000? What is the employment prospect of CNC lathe profession?


In developed countries, CNC lathes have long been widely used in large numbers. There is a big difference between our manufacturing industry and the international advanced industrial China.

Machine tool CNC rate is less than 2%, for the current limited number of China's current CNC lathes (most of the imported goods) can aluminum prototype machiningnot be fully utilized.

The reason is multifaceted, the lack of CNC talent is undoubtedly one of the main reasons, because CNC technology is very typical, the most widely used integrated technology of mechatronics, China is in urgent need of a large number of research and development to the application of maintenance of each level of technical personnel.

State-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, especially the current economic benefits of the better military enterprises and major national equipment manufacturing companies, military manufacturing is China's CNC technology

The key use of the target. For example, Hangzhou power generation equipment factory with 6000 yuan monthly salary can not recruit CNC operators. With the rapid development of private enterprises, the

China's coastal economically developed areas (such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong), CNC talent is in short supply, the key focus on mold manufacturing companies and auto parts manufacturing enterprises. With knowledge of CNC mold mechanic's annual salary has long been adjusted to 300,000 yuan, more than the doctor.

Now in the production line of a variety of CNC talent key has 2 sources: one is the high school and secondary school graduates of mechatronics or CNC technology applications, etc..

They are very young, with different degrees of English, computer technology, mechanical and electrical basic theoretical knowledge and a certain degree of hands-on ability, the

They can easily recognize the challenges of new positions. Their biggest drawback is the process experience that institutions cannot provide, and the fact that the specialized curriculum of schooling is so narrowly divided that

still cannot meet the requirements of some companies for professionals with integrated machining and overhaul.

Another source is the selection of personnel from the company's current employees to participate in different levels of CNC technology, short and medium-term training to meet the company's urgent need for CNC personnel.

These personnel generally have the process background, relatively rich practical experience required by the company, but most of them are traditional machine or electric class of various graduates, the

Knowledge level is narrower, especially for the computer corresponding application software technology and computer numerical control system is not quite understand.

For CNC talents, there are the following three technical levels, the knowledge structure required to master also varies

(1) blue-collar layer. CNC operator mechanic

Skilled machining and CNC machining process knowledge, flexible use of CNC lathe operation and manual programming, master automatic programming and simple maintenance and repair of CNC lathes. Suitable for secondary school organization aluminum sheet metal fabricationtraining. This type of personnel is in great demand in the market and is suitable to be a workshop CNC machine tool operator mechanic. Because their knowledge is relatively single, their salary will not be too high. But its room for improvement is great

(2) Gray collar layer. CNC programmer

Knowledge of CNC machining process and operation of CNC lathe, expertise in design and manufacturing of complex moulds, flexible use of 3D CAD/CAM software, such as UG, ProE, etc..

Flexible use of CNC manual and automatic programming techniques; suitable for higher vocational college organization training. Suitable for CNC programmers in the design and process departments of factories. This type of personnel is in great demand, especially in the mold industry is very popular; treatment is also higher.

CNC lathe maintenance and repair personnel

Master the mechanical system and electromechanical interconnection of CNC lathe, master the operation and programming of CNC lathe, understand the characteristics, software and hardware structure, PLC and basic parameters of various CNC systems.

Skilled in the adjustment and overhaul of mechanical and electrical of CNC lathes. Suitable for higher vocational college organization training. Suitable for being engineering technicians of factory equipment department. The demand for this type of personnel is relatively small.

But it is not easy to cultivate this kind of personnel, the knowledge structure is very wide, adapt to the ability related to CNC, require a lot of practical experience accumulation, at present is very short, its treatment

Also higher.

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