What is the trim on top of cabinets called?


What is the trim on top of cabinets called?

A decorative trim that sits at the top of the cabinet and provides a smooth transition from the cabinet to the ceiling is called crown molding. It comes in many shapes and sizes and adds detail that's pleasing to the eye and indicative of the homeowner's style.

What are cabinet soffits?

A soffit or bulkhead is any solid structure that covers up unsightly areas or items such as vents and pipes. Cabinet soffits can be constructed of drywall, metal, wood, or any other structurally sound material.

What do you put on the top of kitchen cabinets?

Vases, vintage letters, and even books are ideal to display above cabinets. A series of pitchers filled with faux flowers is also an ideal way to fill the void.

Do cabinets need moulding?

While this option may solely be decorative, the majority of American-style kitchen cabinets need molding to finish the kitchen aesthetic.

Do I need shoe molding on cabinets?

It connects the flooring to the cabinet. It is good for hiding flooring imperfections where it might not go exactly up to the cabinet. If you are not a fan of shoe molding you can install the cabinets after the flooring is installed.

What is the piece at the bottom of a door called?

The piece at the bottom of a door is called a sill. Door sills help prevent air and water from getting in your home.

Do you cut rails and stiles first?

You can make the profile/groove cuts in the rails and stiles first, but we recommend that you start with the cope cuts. That way, the rails' long edges are still flat and square, and you can use a flat- edged backer board to prevent tear-out at the end of the cut.

What is a door mullion?

Mullion. A mullion resembles a stile. It is the vertical component that separates two panels located in the middle of the door between the rails.

What are stiles and rails?

Stile and rail doors are constructed from horizontal rails and vertical stiles, with panels secured in between. Together, they give the illusion of a single carved piece of wood. Unlike a flat panel or flush wood door, making a stile and rail door requires more precise and complex construction techniques.

What is the difference between craftsman and shaker?

Shaker cabinets are sometimes painted white, blue, red, yellow or green with natural wood pulls. Mission and Craftsman style kitchens also have squared, unadorned detail but are typically made of red oak or white oak and sometimes contain exposed joinery with pegs or dovetail joints that show off the craftsmanship.

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Cabinet stiles: are they structural?

3 responses. Activate this post's status. Anything above the toespace will not support the granite tops; consequently, your center stile is not structural, at least in terms of the countertop. The granite tops will only be supported by the sides of the cabinet.

What are cabinets with butt doors?

Butt doors, so named because of the way they butt together when fully opened, are cabinet doors that open in the same direction. Double doors without a center stile are also referred to by this phrase.

Godrej or Hettich, which is better?

Additionally, Godrej offers a selection of heavy-duty hinges that can support 125 kg of weight. While it is always advisable to get professional advice when selecting a hinge for your home, we suggest Hettich. All households can benefit from Hettich's selection of hinges.

What does a woodworker's rail do?

Any long, thin piece of wood, such a board or beam, is called a rail. The top and bottom horizontal parts of a cabinet frame are referred to as rails. The horizontal part of a cabinet frame is called a rail. The vertical wood pieces, known as stiles, are joined with rails.

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