What's the point of drinking more whiskey? You still don't know the rules of alcohol

development of the "Scotch Whisky

Ask him a serious question about whiskey and they may know nothing. Why is it between 40 and 60 degrees? Waiting for the person to answer you is nothing but embarrassment!

How much whiskey you drink is not a measure of a person's professionalism. No matter whisky hong konghow much whiskey to drink, do not know the rules will still be a little white. Today, the ancient warehouse Jun will share with you the rules of whiskey.

1 The rules of alcohol in the law

In seeing our social problems, people can first should think of themselves is the development of the "Scotch Whisky Act" in 1988, the above to carry out a clear relevant provisions, any enterprise wants to sell in China EU countries within the company or from the EU export sales of Scotch whisky, its alcohol content shall not be less than 40% ABV (Alcohol by volume) the lower limit.

Not only that, the U.S. bourbon and China's "Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Law" also has the same provisions. Of course, these laws and regulations are not arbitrary rules, but based on the repeated summary of reality.

Between 1915 and 1920, the British government, under the constraints of World War I, also pressured the whisky industry to limit the alcohol content of whisky to below forty degrees in Scottish distilleries. But the distillers did not compromise because if they did, the quality of the whisky would be greatly reduced.

Whisky's alcohol through degrees is generally only between 40 ~ 60 degrees before it gradually develops its unique flavor and taste. For some distillery companies, although the whisky diluted to a lower alcohol level, can allow them to be able to gain the benefit of learning more, however we weigh the development of the whisky industry, distillery technology and did not compromise with the government, which has 40 degrees this national standard.

2 Alcohol rules in distilleries

In addition to the provisions of the legal system, Scottish distilleries will have some students common alcohol rules, such as we all very common a Chinese figure: 46%, which is the cause of what problem analysis of the formation of it?

We all know that whisky that has been cooked for several years contains a large number of fatty compounds and aromatic alcohols, which are the main source of whisky aroma. However, when the whisky accuracy is lower than 46 degrees, condensation may occur.

In order to keep the esters from coagulating in the whisky and destroying the clarity, it is generally only diluted to 46% alcohol. However, this figure is not absolute, for example, a 10 year old bottle of Benoit Normanque is 43% alcohol, depending on the quality of the wine.

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