impact of digital transformation on the organization


Intelligence is the process of providing objective data references for the work to be done, based on data analysis, from the work information of acquisition, production, and sales in the industry to aid in decision making and improve efficiency. Digitalization is a broad concept with no single approach that applies to all businesses. For different companies, digital transformation will have a different focus and must be carried mining site out specifically according to the company's internal go.

The impact of digital transformation on businesses.

People have been able to adapt to a more flexible, convenient, and connected world thanks to advances in intelligence. It has enabled organizations to access information instantly, rate data, and track customers across the value chain to ensure data authenticity and security. On the other hand, it has made it easier to combine decisions in order to improve business operations.

Digital transformation in the business world involves two variables. The first takes into account the profitability of each action in comparison to the competition. The second adds value to the customer by utilizing technology. Both approaches improve user accessibility while also controlling the entire supply chain. As a result, digital transformation is having a wide-ranging impact on the business environment, bringing with it both opportunities and challenges.

The importance of digital transformation for businesses.

1. Digital transformation improves a company's competitiveness.

Companies are questioning why they are undergoing digital transformation. Current industry insights strongly suggest that it is being driven by two internal and external factors.

External factors include: Companies are sailing against the tide of digital transformation; if they do not advance, they will fall back. If companies do not implement digital transformation, they will be left behind by customers, overtaken by competitors, weakened by the market, and eventually out of the game.

Internal elements: digital transformation can capitalize on new market opportunities, test new business models, and gain a competitive advantage in the future business market.

2Beneficial to the company's cost-cutting efforts

The use of digital technology can help Used miner businesses save money. According to the World Economic Forum's white paper "The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Supply Chain," 79.9% of the processing manufacturing industry and 85.5% of the logistics industry believe that digital transformation will have a positive impact without considering the financial impact, and digital transformation will reduce the cost of processing manufacturing by 17.6%, increase revenue by 22.6%, and reduce the cost of l In processing manufacturing, the digital transformation will result in a cost reduction of 17.6% and a revenue increase of 22.6%, in logistics services, a cost reduction of 34.2% and a revenue increase of 33.6%, and in retail, a cost reduction of 7.8% and a revenue increase of 33.3%. Digital technology can help businesses become more efficient. The Internet consolidates a large number of digital technology resources and services, and economic benefits emerge as a result of a significant increase in use efficiency. Internet services directly cause the concentration of computing and data services, and further promote the concentration of various service resources, resulting in a large amount of room for development for the centralized and open service platform.

3Advantageous for the company's process optimization

That is how the South China Institute of Intelligent Robotics feels. Under the digital condition, enterprises are intertwined network associations, responding to fragmented nodes, integrating multiple resources platform-type industrial organization should be born, the enterprise value creation method from the traditional linear to chain, network change, prompting the traditional industry between the competition method tends to ecological, platform. For example, GE and Apple's strategic collaboration, the Predix platform development tools and microservices open to Apple, absorb developers to add industrial APP development, which will help to transform the Predix platform into a very store in the industrial field, a knowledge exchange center, and promote the ecological flourishing of the platform's open source community. For example, Ali cloud with the "ET industrial brain"bitmain platform, gathering the technical capabilities of 30 data service enterprises in Jiangsu province, to provide system solutions for 300 manufacturing enterprises, to promote the cooperation of large and medium-sized enterprises from simple technology transmission to the saleable, cooperative service ecological transformation.

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