What is the fastest way to scan books and generate PDFs with mobile applications?

What is the fastest way to scan books and generate PDFs with mobile applications?

What is the fastest way to scan books and generate PDFs with mobile applications?

A friend sent me a private message a few days ago:

Can you scan a book of about 200 pages for me for free?

The [ scan ] and [ generate pdf ] functions are free and can be used daily. convert word to pdf without losing formattingEven if you run out of times today, you can automatically refresh the number the next day.

Due to the more complex algorithms used to scan books, the process is more complicated than just one scan. online pdf converter merge compressSo everyone prepared this article, a simple demonstration on how to quickly scan a book with a mobile device.

The first step is to open the Scan-Scan-Surface book.

Step 2: Click the button to take a picture of the system's left and right profile pages

3) Click on the edges to adjust them. pdf to word converter free download for windows 7The software will automatically generate four edges at the top and bottom of the page.

The fourth step is to scan the next page.

As needed, generate pdf files or text recognition.

Recognizing characters

Create a PDF

While the application will do most of the work for us, there are a few caveats that we need to be aware of. By keeping these key points in mind, you can quickly and effectively sweep the board.

There is a moderate distance between the mobile phone camera and the scanner for scanning technical documents.

Here are two examples of errors caused by the camera being too far away from the book to be able to determine which page it was scanning. The camera was so close that the edge of the book wasn't visible on the screen.

Panic: The camera is too close to the book. Left: The camera is too close to the book.

The scanned file should be contrasted with the background color.

As a result of the color difference, the software will identify the contour. If the colors are too close, the contour recognition will not work. Agee illustrates how the software may default to the white paper range as the outline of the scanned document by using an exaggerated state in the figure below.

Furthermore, when the background is a stripe pattern, and the color difference between scan technical documents is not large, the same situation can also occur.

Don't put anything in the scanning area.

It's also important to keep the scan interface as clean as possible. Here's an over-the-top demo by Agy that might be confusing. Are you scanning a book, a headphone box, or an A4 page?

When you master the above operation skills and pay attention to three tips, you will be able to scan a good book with your mobile phone quickly!

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