LCDs and OLEDs: what are their advantages and disadvantages?


OLED's advantages are LCD's disadvantages, oled panels manufacturer and LCD's disadvantages are OLED's advantages.

The first difference is

Differentiation of screens

LCDs emit light through backlit panels, flexible OLED while organic light-emitting diodes achieve self-illumination.

OLED has the following advantages:

can display pure black: LCD has a fatal problem defect, the liquid crystal layer cannot be completely closed, LCD displays a black, although some light gets through the different color layers, so the black LCD development is actually a mixture of black and white gray. An OLED is black in its original form.

Leakage of light: liquid crystal display backlight layer, the backlight of a liquid crystal display is easily leaked from the gap between the screen and the frame, resulting in light leakage.

The backlight layer and the liquid crystal layer make LCDs thicker than organic light-emitting diodes.

In addition, liquid crystal displays cannot bend greatly due to the backlight and liquid crystal layer, so most curved displays on the market are OLED.

Bright colors: Organic light-emitting diodes win, the higher the contrast, china oled the clearer the image, the brighter.

With the lock screen constantly on display time, we can achieve enterprise individual highlights: OLED can do some areas of individual light.

LCD is fully functioning, so it consumes less power than OLED, which is a pixel light source.

The time it takes for a pixel to change from color 1 to color 2 is called gray response time. If this time is too long, it can cause visual residual images, which can affect the visual effect. Organic light-emitting diodes were almost instantaneous.

OLED has the following disadvantages:

One fatal disadvantage of OLED is that it is an organic material with a much shorter life expectancy than LCD inorganic materials. I only got four years out of my iPhone 6.

2. Burning screen: Pixels emit light, resulting in different degrees of aging of each pixel. If the brightness is lower than 60%, the phone will not display a picture for a long time, so after three years, the screen will not burn your eyes.

2, screen flashing: at low brightness, there will be a more obvious stroboscopic effect (light bulb flashing), some people may have some obvious discomfort, their eyes may feel very uncomfortable dizziness. LCD party criticizes it since it has caused great damage to the eyes.

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