What is the concept of freight forwarder | Freight forwarder and freight forwarder, what is the difference between them?


What is a shipping agency?

It refers to a certain link or related link of import and export logistics transportation entrusted by the agent. global freight forwarding Common freight forwarding work includes air import and export, import customs clearance, import declaration and so on.

Since many of our ship companies in China are not authorized by enterprises, they can not participate in the operation by themselves. global logistics services They develop must find a Chinese shipping agent as their agent to learn. They mainly provide services to shipping companies. They target students themselves for some of the routes and businesses of the shipping companies represented by the company and are responsible for helping directly influence the booking of customers and freight forwarders. The main profit comes from charters, carton stickers, etc.

What is a freight forwarder?

Procedures and coordination relating to the ship's operations to ensure the smooth handling of cargo. General shipping agency: quarantine, towing, loading and unloading, signing bills of lading.

Freight forwarders mainly serve the owners of cargo. global logistics tracking The cargo owner wants to ship the goods to which port, the freight forwarder will help you find the right route and the ship you need, and then help you with the shipping company or ship booking space. As the freight forwarder is a service industry, as long as the requirements of the freight forwarder are reasonable, the freight forwarder can help you solve the problem, such as booking, customs declaration, inspection, car arrangement, confirmation of bills of lading, tracking the ship and so on. If it is imported, the freight forwarder can also provide customs clearance.

What is the concept of freight forwarder | Freight forwarder and freight forwarder, what is the difference between them?

What is the difference between shipping agency and freight forwarder?

Different responsibilities.

The problem of freight forwarding is essentially the same as that of third-party logistics, not the actual carrier of China ship Management Company, but the consignor of the cargo owner, helping the cargo owner to deal with the contact and communication of goods in the logistics of technology import and export trade.

Shipping agents mainly provide a range of special services for ships and shipping companies.

Different service objects.

The freight forwarder is the link between the owner and the carrier, and the bridge between the foreign trade, the factory and the owner.

Shipping agency serves the shipping company and is the bridge between the shipping company or carrier and the port.

Other differences.

Freight forwarders are generally divided into a first-level freight forwarder and a second-level freight forwarder. The first-level freight forwarder can book shipping space directly from the shipping company, but it does not have to meet the booking conditions, and the second-level freight forwarder is not necessarily worse than the first-level freight forwarder. It depends on the forwarder's qualification and ability. Not all freight forwarders are universal, and not all freight forwarders have the same scope of work.

Freight forwarding LCL booking by the freight forwarding company to order, shipping companies generally can not accept LCL, so LCL bill of lading is generally not the shipping company for the bill of lading.

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