The 3 steps to correct pest control are taught by experts. Insecticide bombs are ineffective and can be killed?

A single cockroach infiltrating a residence can ignite a battle between humans and bugs, not to mention an entire group of them! fly killer Recently, an individual shared on a virtual forum that their house was overrun by a massive swarm of cockroaches, infiltrating every corner from the hallway to the kitchen, bathroom, and even the air conditioning unit. Specialists emphasize that cockroaches are exceptionally prolific, making it crucial to swiftly address this issue before it escalates further. While pest control may seem like a solution, one particular method has been called into question for its perceived ineffectiveness.

According to pest control expert Yam Wing-keung, cockroach insecticide spray Hong Kong's most common cockroaches can be divided into three types:

Cockroaches: The largest of the three species of cockroaches, mosquito killer found in markets, ditches, and garbage dumps.

In general, German cockroaches are smaller than American cockroaches, but they are the most aggressive. They can lay 300 to 400 eggs a year, and they prefer warm, damp, and dark places.

The smallest but fastest cockroach is the brown belt variety, known to roam freely throughout a house. Jen predicts that the recent influx of cockroaches is due to either the German or brown belt type. A swarm of these pests can be overwhelming! Recently, someone shared on an online forum that their home was infested with cockroaches, in every nook and cranny - from the living room to the kitchen, bathroom and even the air conditioning unit. Experts warn that cockroaches reproduce quickly and addressing the problem requires swift action. Simply relying on insect control methods will only provide temporary relief. A more effective approach would be utilizing pest control tools.

A common household pest is the cockroach

Faced with the cockroach invasion, there are numerous online rumors advising against directly killing them due to potential bacteria transfer. As a result, many individuals opt for insecticidal water or spray to eliminate indoor cockroaches in one go. However, using insect bombs has proven to be ineffective. This is because cockroaches have become increasingly resistant to these chemicals and the bombs cannot reach all areas of the room, resulting in only a small portion being killed while others may return to life over time.

Additionally, there is rumor that the insecticide brand is changed regularly to prevent cockroaches from developing resistance to it. According to Mr. Yam, insecticides are available commercially, and the ingredients are generally the same, so buying other brands won't affect the effectiveness of the insecticide. Insecticide sprays are not very effective and do not eliminate all cockroaches completely.

In a race against time, cockroaches must be killed in a race against time, and the first thing to do is to clean the house. Extinction alone cannot eliminate these pests.

In order to keep Chinese homes dry and clean, we should collect our own food and vacuum regularly since cockroaches feed on the same foods as humans.

2. Make your own mosquito repellent: Because roaches are afraid of strong odors, they can squeeze onions, peppers, and lemons, add water, and then spray them wherever they are likely to be found, including drains and dark corners. Alternatively, you can pour some white vinegar down your drain.

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