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The initial M wax seal stamp by SWANGSA is a vintage, elegant butterfly letter sealer that may be used for wedding party invitations, gift wrap, envelopes, and Christmas or Thanksgiving cards.

Price: $8.89

WAX SEAL STAMP SIZE: Seal Head Diameter: 25 mm/0.98 in.

; Overall Stamp Length: 90 mm/3.54 in.

Consolidating Only the first 25 mm alphabet wax seal stamp is included; sealing wax is not included.

WAX MATERIAL FOR SEAL STAMP: The stamp head is smooth, polished, and non-stick, and it is made of brass with a wooden handle that makes it easy to use and see through.

REMOVABLE STAMP HEAD: Detachable stamp head made of brass.

Installing and changing is simple.

WIDE APPLICATIONS: It may be used to decorate gift packaging, bottles, ornamental wedding and party invitations, Christmas cards, envelopes, letters, scrapbooks, and more.

PRIVACY: Private information can be safeguarded by using seals to enclose documents.

One (1) Set of Seal Seal Set Letter Sealing Stamp Stamper Decoration Sealing Handmade Seal Stamper Seal Kit Wax Seal Kit Wax Seal Stamp Kit Sealing Stamp Kit Wax Gems

Price: $14.75

Self-made sealing stamps set: extensively utilized for stationery, packaging, crafts, gifts, crafts, everyday essentials, invitations, and more.

Stamp for scrapbooks: Your friends who enjoy do-it-yourself projects will be delighted to receive this imaginative seal as a gift.

Scrapbooking stamps: all-inclusive set in a gift box, wax sealing kit, ideal as a present for friends or family.

This exquisite set of wax seal stamps comes with a handle, sealing wax granules, and other useful and practical items.

Letter sealing stamp: this elegant and vintage-style seal can add a rustic and romantic feel to your handmade goods.

SUPVOX Snowflake Wax Seal Stamp Head for Decorating Christmas Cards, Letters, Envelopes, and Invitations

2.5 cm / 1 stamp diameter; approximately 7 mm / 0.28 thread inner diameter Perfect for hobbies, crafts, weddings, galas, party invitations, and other special occasions.

Give the craft of letter writing a personal touch.

Perfect for embellishing envelopes, packages, and invitations.

The writer shows the recipient their consideration and care with a simple method of pressing hot wax with a decorative seal.

With their retro sheen and ideal size, beads can be used in sets of two or three to adorn and seal envelopes, invitations, greeting cards, and other items.

Four sealing wax beads in mixed metallic colors, ZRCHLS 370-piece octagonal wax seal beads kit with a melting spoon and two candles for sealing gifts and envelopes, and wedding invitations

Price: $9.99

Wax Seal: Use our vibrant Hexagonal Wax Seal Decorative Candle Pellets to give your letter sealing and decorating an even more distinctive touch.

Choose from 4 colorful and Rich hues: Our sealing wax comes in 4 colorful and rich hues that will transform your letters and gift wrap into something unexpectedly eye-catching for your receivers.

Easy to Use: To seal and embellish, just use a candle burner or melter with the appropriate amount of wax seal beads and gently heat.

Efficient and easy, reduce labor and time.

More Vibrant: Our wax seal kit candle pellets are composed of premium ingredients to guarantee a lengthy burn period and persistent color vibrancy, adding durability to your creations.

Multipurpose Use: Candle pellets with a wax seal can be used for crafts, gift wrapping, envelope decoration, and other creative projects to give character and detail.

They are also great for sealing letters.

Handle Wax Seal Stamp Heads, Resin Stamp Head Set with Handle for Thanksgiving Card, Envelope, or Gift Wrap, Cat & Paw Design

Price: $9.99

[Letter Sealing Wax Stamps]This adorable wax seal stamp features paw prints and a cat in relief.

Both the texture and the images are extremely delicate and clear.

[Stamp Head Set in Wax] Cards, scrapbooks, glass, plastic, wood, and other materials can all be sealed.

Perfect for decorating and embellishing envelopes, invites, wine packages, and other items.

Do not open secretly important documents or some private information.

[Gifts]:For occasions like Mother's Day, birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary, Easter, Teacher's Day, graduation, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and theme parties, the wax stamp wax makes a thoughtful and charming gift for your loved ones.

It's especially great for pet lovers.

[Size]: Two PiecesOne features an embroidered, obese cat, while the other features paw prints.

the stamp has a 0.79-inch diameter and a resin handle.

superior The stamp head is composed of brass, while the handle is composed of resin.

CRASPIRE Sun and Moon Sealing Wax Stamps: Retro Vintage Removable Brass Stamp Head with Wood Handle, 30mm Stars, Retro Vintage, Perfect for Wedding Invitations Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween gift packaging

Price: $7.99

One 1.18-inch/30mm sun wax seal stamp head replacement and one wooden handle are included in the package for the 30mm wax seal stamp.

(Wax not included) Moon Wax Seal Stamp: The pattern of the sun, moon, and stars is lovely.

The stamps are well-made, of excellent quality, and the fine details are clearly visible.

Wax Seal Stamp Sun: Constructed from brass and wood, it is robust, colorfast, rust-proof, glossy, and easy to clean.

It is also reusable.

Brass Stamp Head Replacement: Just the sealing stamp heads need to be changed or installed, and a small rotation of the brass head is acceptable.

Every seal stamp head in our store is compatible with the handle.

Wide Range of Uses: Vintage sealing wax stamps can be used to decorate and adorn envelopes, gifts, packaging, invitations, wine packages, scrapbooks, wine bottles, and gift wrapping.

An original present for graduation, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Easter, Teacher's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and theme parties.

Wax seal stamp of Lily of the Valley, Wax seal stamp kit of PORXFLY flowers, vintage personalized wax seal stamp for letter cards, invitations, and gift wrapping

Price: $8.98

This product includes a wooden hilt and a seal stamp featuring the Lily of the Valley.

【A Good Fit】 The wax stamp has a diameter of 1.18 inches (3 cm).

Its length is 9.

cm/3.54 in.

Our wax stamp seal's appropriate size makes it easy to use.

【Removable Stamp】Changing and installing the wax seal stamp is simple.

Kit with wax seal stamps Composition: Wooden handle with brass head.

Broadly UtilizationSeals are frequently employed in the following fields: banking, insurance, law, confidentiality of letters, anti-counterfeit packaging, wedding invites, presents, crafts, and wine bottle packaging, among others.

Avoiding opening critical files can be aided efficiently by it.

For Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and other special occasions, wax seal stamp kits are thoughtful, personalized, and romantic gifts.

They also make great surprise gift seal stamps.

Rose of the Cross Wax Seal Stamp Laser Engraved Wax Seal Products Retro 3D Relievo Wax Seal Stamps with Detachable Wooden Handle Gorgeous Sealing Wax Stamp

Price: $7.80
how to make a seal

【Sealing wax stamp with laser engraving With the use of sophisticated laser engraving technology, the marks are distinct and intricate, giving them an appearance beyond that of a typical wax stamp.

Extraordinary, realistic, and distinctive detail The detachable seal stamp is composed of brass wax seal stamp head and removable wood handles, and it may be used to create custom wax seals.

This specific type of wax seal Simple to swap out the stamp heads made of wax Setup and operation Versatile 【wax seals stamp Suitable for creating antique letters, postcards, invites, gift packaging sealed, and handcrafted DIY wedding invitations customized stamp for wax seals Made of sturdy substance, this type of wax seal stamp Fine brass stamp heads with wax constructionHand-sanded wooden handles are sturdy and comfortable to hold, even after being used frequently with hot and cold objects.

【Stable quality】Its own factory maintains a consistently high standard of quality, which is tightly regulated.

It produces and markets its own high-grade wax seal stamps.

In case you're using our wax stamp seal You are welcome to contact us at any time if you are unhappy with the goods, and we will do everything in our power to provide you an acceptable resolution.

AMAZING Happy Birthday Wax Seal Stamp Head 0.98" Vintage Sealing Stamp Wax Replacement Brass Head for Letter Sealing Birthday Party Gift Packaging Sealing Stamp Head for Greeting Cards and Envelopes

Price: $6.29

beautiful CRAFTSMANSHIP: The seal head is smooth, shining, long-lasting, and crafted of premium brass with precise details, beautiful workmanship, and clear patterns.

DESIGN OF PATTERN: You can use this pattern to wish someone a happy birthday.

Others will adore such a lovely design, no doubt.

The stamp's diameter is roughly 25mm.

REMOVABLE STAMP: It is easy to install or swap out the stamp head for another one, and it is simple and convenient to use.

Note that it does not include the handle; it only includes the seal head.

EASY TO USE: Pour melted sealing wax block into desired shape, stamp on wax, and let cool.

WIDE APPLICATION: Ideal for any occasion, including weddings and birthday parties.

Suitable for gift-giving as well as embellishing envelopes, postcards, invites, and wine packaging.

Replacement Wax Seal Stamp Head Rose Vintage Antique Scrapbooking Stamps Sealing Wax Head

Price: $5.99

Look: rose Content: Copper Dimensions: 3cm/1.18in Perfect for embellishing envelopes, packages, and invitations.

Perfect for hobbies, crafts, weddings, galas, party invitations, and other special occasions.

Relevant to every wax seal stamp handle available in the shop.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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