How about a seven-inch LCD display?

How about a seven-inch LCD display?

Seven-inch LCD displays have always been favored by smart home, industrial control and other industries. Due to their good product performance,cog led affordable price and medium size, many smart terminals like to purchase seven-inch LCD displays as a Display terminal. Now let me recommend a seven-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1024*600. This seven-inch LCD display has large shipments and long-term mass production. As a manufacturer and supplier of integrated display solutions for industry applications, our company , has advantages in manufacturing, technology, quality and supply chain in the LCD market, providing customers with customized LCD displays.

The seven-inch LCD display has a high-definition resolution of 1024*600 and a high brightness of 230.outdoor lcd digital signage It adopts 1PS full-viewing technology to make colors more realistic. It also uses an LVD5 interface, making the seven-inch LCD display faster to respond. At the same time, the power consumption is lower, which extends the service life of the seven-inch LCD display.

Seven-inch LCD displays are mainly used in smart homes, health care, Internet of Things devices and other industries.ips vs ads panel Compared with traditional LCD, this seven-inch LCD display is more flexible to operate and more innovative in style, bringing you a brand new experience. The seven-inch display screen not only has high quality, but also has a reasonable and affordable market price. The larger the purchase volume, the more favorable the price of the product.

We also provide customers with flexible seven-inch LCD display customization services: customized screen wiring, IC, screen light saving, touch screen cover, touch screen wiring, etc. Please consult us for more details, welcome to purchase and customize seven-inch LCD display.

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