Domestic vps so much why foreign vps rental is still hot


We know that vps is similar to a computer host that is always on. Theoretically you can use it as a computer, but vps is stable and power saving. Domestic mainly open port 80 (fixed ip is easy to put on the website, of course, at home can also be used,Singapore VPS here will not say the realization of the method). If you want to access a website built by renting a foreign vps at home, the IP of renting a foreign VPS is accessible at home. If you can access it, you can build a website. How to choose overseas VPS or foreign VPS depends on your own situation. In general, the hardware of the United States is one of the best in the world, and most of the time we will consider using the United States.

Which foreign VPS server rental is fast?

If you consider purely from the point of view of speed, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia are all good choices. After all, in Asia, the physical distance is short, and the speed is definitely hosting comparison If you consider the issue of hardware and global balance, the general U.S. If their own budget is low, you can consider the European server room, do not want to site filing troublesome webmasters to choose Hong Kong's server room. The results of the search through the network can be more obviously open. Some of the Hong Kong server room VPS host is still more popular. The main reason is three aspects:face sign, stability, access speed.

Foreign vps rental advantage

Don't want to site record webmasters choose Hong Kong room, through the network search results, we will be able to more obviously open up, Hong Kong, some of the different areas of the room's VPS host is still a relatively popular, the reason for this, the main content is the face of the record, the stability of the study as well as the data to access the speed of the three important aspects.

1. Hong Kong VPS server: no record, domestic access speed, domestic and foreign users access speed stability is the best. Disadvantages: Hong Kong VPS server total width is small, the price is a little expensive.

2. U.S. VPS server: compared to the above, super bandwidth, unlimited content, as long as there is no complaint everything is good! Disadvantages: Large latency, slow domestic access.

3. South Korea's VPS server: compared to the above two, the bandwidth is relatively large, the network environment is good. Disadvantages:Overseas latency and stability than Hong Kong, mostly used for private services, video, chat rooms and other occasions that require more bandwidth on the network.

4. Singapore VPS server: basic and Hong Kong VPS is almost the same, stability is slightly worse.

5. Domestic VPS server room: domestic access speed is extremely fast, configuration price is low, and most VPS hosts are independent IP. disadvantages: most need to be recorded, the server stability is uncertain, mainly depends on the ability and level of IDC service providers.

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