2024 Flexible Emcp

Maintenance Mesh Tin Facility for Steel Net Restoration, Designed for BGA153, 162, 169, 186, 221, Emcp, and EMMC Steel Applications

The imported steel sheet materials from Japan possess exceptional high-temperature resistance and deformation resilience, along with a heat sink anti-drum design.

These features render it an optimal choice for BGA153/BGA162/BGA169/BGA186/BGA221/BGA254 EMCP EMMC applications.

Contents of the Package:

1 x Steel Net, exhibiting robust characteristics derived from its Japanese steel sheet material composition.

Language Learners' Ideal Tool: Pen Reader with Noise-Cancelling Recording, 2.99-inch IPS Display, Scanning, and Translation Capabilities, 8GB EMCP Storage

Comprehensive Vocabulary Coverage: The extensive multi-word bank offers a comprehensive range of vocabulary catering to the needs of elementary school students, middle schoolers, high schoolers, and those preparing for various exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, and more.

Language-Agnostic Text Capture: Leveraging cutting-edge offline speech library translation technology, the pen facilitates the extraction of text snippets in 22 distinct languages, serving as a valuable asset in enhancing your study capabilities.

Crystal-Clear Audio Capture: Boasting high-definition noise reduction recording capabilities, the device enables seamless audio recordings for up to 3 hours, aiding users in reinforcing their language learning outcomes.

Versatile Language Interpretation: Readin

The PEMP F30 Android Screen, boasting a resolution of 1920x720 HD, is equipped with a Qualcomm 8-core processor and generous 4+64GB storage. Ideal for BMW models including the F30, F31, F34, F35, F32, F33, F20, F21, and F22, it offers seamless integration

Price: $429.00

[Swift Performance] Boasting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, MSM8953 8-Core Processor, its operating frequency can reach an impressive 2.0GHz.

Paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, it offers seamless performance.

The MSM8953 is crafted with cutting-edge 14NM technology and integrates Emcp (Lpddr3 + Emmc5.1) for enhanced efficiency.

Running on Android 10, it ensures low power consumption and remains cool even under heavy usage.

[Crystal-Clear Display] The device features a Multi-Point Capacitive Touch Screen, boasting a vibrant 10.25 HD IPS Display Screen with a resolution of up to 1920 * 720 pixels.

When paired with the PEMP AHD Reversing Camera (ASIN: B08YWL8CND), the reversing picture appears exceptionally clear, providing enhanced visibility and safety.

[Versatile Connectivity] This product offers seamless integration with CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing for a seamless connection with your smartphone.

The built-in wireless capabilities ensure a hassle-free experience, enabling you to enjoy the best of both worlds - the convenience of your phone and the enhanced functionality of the device.

The XGecu T56 Universal USB Programmer, equipped with 56 Pin Drivers, boasts compatibility with over 33000 ICS, encompassing a wide range of memory types such as Nor Flash, NAND Flash, Emmc, and various Tsop configurations including Tsop32, Tsop40, Tsop48

Price: $199.00


The XGecu T56 programmer stands out as a comprehensive 56-pin full-drive programmer, capable of serving various chips enclosed within the same 56-pin package.

Each adapter comes equipped with a straightforward software prompt, ensuring that the pin check function is accurately aligned with the specific pin number of the chip.

This programmer also boasts open-source programming adapters, compatible with a wide range of chip types such as TSOP32/TSOP40/TSOP48/TSOP56, PLCC32, PLCC44, TQFP44, BGA48, BGA63, BGA64, SOP44, and TQFP32, among others.


Notably, no adapter is necessary for any DIL devices.

Furthermore, all programming adapters offered are fully open-source, eliminating the need for any encrypted or proprietary adapters.

This ensures a seamless and transparent programming experience for users, enabling them to fully leverage the capabilities of the XGecu T56 programmer without any restrictions or limitations.

The FBGA153/169 Ball IC Adapter, marketed by ALLSOCKET, offers a cutting-edge solution for eMMC153/169-USB3.0 Reader Extract Internal Memory Data Recovery. This socket is specifically designed for Samsung and Toshiba devices, providing a seamless and effi

The FBGA153/169 Ball BGA Package, specifically the eMMC169 and eMMC153 variants, serves as Mobile Internal Memory Flash Storage, excluding UFS and iPhone Memory compatibility.

It finds application in scenarios where there's a need to address damage to Android mobile BGA153/169 chips, often encountered in TVs, CF cards, GPS devices, and the like.

When it comes to Mobile Internal Memory Chip-off procedures, this package enables the extraction of vital data such as contacts, text messages, call logs, camera photos, videos, and app data from physically damaged or water-damaged Android mobile memory chips.

It's worth noting that the chip remains unencrypted, facilitating seamless data retrieval.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a USB3.0 interface ensures faster read/writing speeds, simplified data transfer via USB cable, and an overall smoother operational experience.

The Versatile UP-828P Programming Device

Price: $2.00

The UP-828P Series programmer stands out as a cutting-edge, high-speed universal programmer tailored specifically for flash memory developers.

This programmer, labeled as the UP-828P Ultra fast universal programmer, enables examiners to efficiently gather data.

The programmer boasts its ability to capture data from an array of flash memory types.

While the necessary adapters for use with this programmer are not included in the package, they can be purchased separately to suit your specific needs.

This versatile programmer offers support for a wide range of flash chips, including NOR FLASH, NAND FLASH, SERIAL FLASH, GB-NAND, OneNAND, MoviNAND, iNAND, eMMC, eMCP, and SD memory card.


The BGA Programming Adapter, specifically the eMCP221 IC Reader, is equipped with an SD Interface and is compatible with the FBGA221 Adapter. This adapter is designed for ICs with dimensions of 11.5x13mm, making it suitable for various memory chip applica

The eMMC eMCP IC Reader is designed to retrieve SMS messages, contacts, photos, music, videos, and other vital data from various Android smartphones that have suffered accidental physical damage, such as cracked, shattered, smashed, broken, or busted screens.

This innovative tool is compatible with a wide range of eMMC flash memories across multiple brands, ensuring versatility and convenience.

To ensure compatibility, it is essential to verify your IC or phone model and purchase the corresponding socket.

The eMMC eMCP IC Reader supports various IC dimensions, including 9x11mm, 11x10mm, 11.5x13mm, 12x16mm, 12x18mm, and 14x18mm, with thicknesses ranging from 0.8 to 1.5mm and a pin pitch of 0.5mm.

It's worth noting that the default limiter size is 11.5x13mm, and the IC chip is not included in the sales package.

With its ability to retrieve crucial data from damaged devices, the eMMC eMCP IC Reader offers a reliable and efficient solution for those who have encountered accidental damage to their smartphones.

The package includes a T48 (TL866-3G) Programmer along with nine essential components and a versatile 17-in-1 adapter.

Price: $75.99


The latest T48 (TL866-3G) programmer represents a significant advancement over the TL866II Plus programmer, featuring a robust 40-pin industrial-grade ZIF Socket that's both pluggable and replaceable.

This state-of-the-art programmer leverages a 32-bit MCU operating at 120MHZ and boasts a 4-layer PCB design, ensuring superior performance.

Its capability to support high-capacity NAND EMMC chips reaching up to 256GB, coupled with significantly faster programming speeds, positions it as a leader in its field.

Additionally, its support for high-voltage chips with a VPP maximum of 25V surpasses the capabilities of the TL866II.


The programming speed of the T48 programmer is nothing short of impressive.

Take the W25Q80 chip as an example; it can be programmed and verified in just 3.5s+0.3s, demonstrating the remarkable efficiency of this advanced programmer.

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