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Vanity/Dresser/Bathroom/Kitchen/Vanity/Stone Tray for Home Decor: 100% Natural Marble Serving Tray with a Plate Holder for Towels, Candles, and Tissues

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【100% NATURAL MARBLE】 The marble trays are constructed entirely of premium natural marble stone. Each marble serving tray is one-of-a-kind and features a unique marble pattern. Natural marble trays are much stronger and have a beautiful shine and texture than regular plastic, resin, or PU materials. 【MULTIFUNCTION – ELEGANT DECORထYou can maintain a more stylish and convenient daily life by using marble trays for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, linen closet, and bedside table. 【EASY TO MAINTAIN】 The marble tray is resistant to scratches, oil, and water. It is glossy and easy to clean thanks to the polished finish. Use moist wipes to gently clean any surface that has dust adhered to it. 【Weight and Measurements】Its dimensions are 300 x 200 x 18 mm, and its weight is 1600g. It is a highly ornamental piece of art in and of itself, despite not being used to hold objects due to its standard size and unique grain. 【ANTI-SKID PAD】 To prevent the tray from slipping or falling and scratch your counter or furniture, the bottom of this natural marble tray is fitted with a non-slip pad.

Wall Tiles | 4" x 12" | Bex Metro Glossy Calacatta | 8 sqft | Avant Decor | 24 Tiles | Stone Composite Subway Stone Texture Tiles | Peel and Stick Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

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Backslash: Peel and stick When it comes to adhesive wall tiles, Avant Decor's superior-grade Subway kitchen backsplash tiles are superior to those found elsewhere. Savor lovely patterns, four millimeter thickness, three times the adhesive strength, resilience to heat and moisture, and a realistic tile impression. For the ideal effect, mix and match tiles. QUICK TO INSTALL Our stick-on tiles are easy to install yourself, requiring little setup time and skill. You can turn your living area, bathroom, or kitchen into a designer environment with a few basic items! No grout, no fuss, and no mess. QUARTER MAINTENANCE Stone composite peel and stick tiles are sleek and well-made, with a solid composite core and a premium surface. Your low-cost option for home remodeling! Each tile is 0.33 square feet in size, measuring 4" by 12" and 2.3 mm thick. 24 tiles totaling 8 square feet are included in the box. QUALITY SURED The peel and stick tiles from Avant Decor are resistant to heat and humidity, easy to cut, and clean. (It should not be used in the shower.) Enjoy long-lasting durability and instantly upgrade your kitchen backsplash with a quick do-it-yourself installation. MODERN DECOR Avant Decor tiles were designed to make do-it-yourself repairs less stressful. They are created to resemble genuine, exquisite tiles and are simple to cut and install. Avant Decor offers an extensive range of forms, textures, and hues to suit any preference.

Calacatta Golden Stick-on Backsplash Subway Tile, Faux Marble Linear Design Kitchen Backsplash, 10 Sheets of STICKGOO Peel and Stick Backsplash, Self-Adhesive Wall Tile for Kitchen, Bathroom

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DETAILS: 10 matte peel-and-stick tile sheets measuring 11.6" x 11.6" x 0.12" each, with each tiny peel-and-stick subway tile measuring 3.85" x 0.9" and covering approximately 9.34 square feet. For any do-it-yourself project, an additional 3-5% waste is advised. An extra bonus is that a pair of gloves is included to keep your hands clean and safe. VERY HEAT RESISTANT & ADHESIVE: Improved environmentally friendly polymer materials that are safe to use, formaldehyde and heavy metal free, odorless, and can better protect your family and pets. It is heat- and impact-resistant, waterproof, anti-scratch, color-fadeless, and only needs to be wiped clean, making maintenance easy. A more robust 3D texture appearance is produced by the beveled edge design of each extended brick format, creating a realistic 3D effect. The transparent edge bevel processing on the close-pieced chips eliminates the need for grout, yet the seamed design gives the illusion of caulked tiles. EASY INSTALLATION: The straight linear subway pattern is ideal for do-it-yourself kitchen renovations since it is simpler to install and uses less cutting waste. The extended subway stick on tile can be arranged vertically or horizontally to create a visual extension of the room. Exquisite backsplash made of sticky material that is three times more durable than regular vinyl-backed tiles for home décor. Self-adhesive tiles are extensively useful for shower tiles, laundry rooms, kitchen backsplashes, RVs, and fireplaces, among other places. ideal for the interior design of any room.

Sunwings Long Hexagon Mosaic Tile for Backsplash in Kitchen and Bathroom. Ten sheets of white Calacatta marble, looking like picket walls and floors.

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Recycled Glass Mosaic: Use our Matte Picket Recycled Glass Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile to turn your area into a tribute to retro style. This tile option is a modern, enlarged take on the conventional long hexagon mosaic, with a feel that is both nostalgic and contemporary. Long Hexagon Tile: To produce a continuous installation, picket-shaped chips are precisely positioned on an interconnecting mesh. With our easy-to-maintain recycled glass, which is waterproof, stain- and scratch-proof, you can enjoy the gorgeous stone appearance without having to worry. There are two choices: Black Marquina and White Calacatta. Features: Matte finish with slight tone variance. Covers 7.21 square feet; each case contains 10 pieces. The case weighs 23.15 pounds. Size of tile: 10.9 inches wide by 9.5 inches long by 0.24 inches thick. Unglazed mosaic set in a mesh frame. Chip size: Hexagon, 2 by 6 inches long. Applications: Class 3 abrasion resistance is appropriate for flooring with moderate to high foot traffic. Totally resistant to frost for use indoors or out. both business and residential purposes. The purchase of a minimum of 10% overage is advised in order to accommodate for design cuts and patterns.

Stone Center Online offers Honed Kitchen Bath Wall Floor Backsplash Shower Calacatta Gold Marble 2x3 Illusion 3D Cube Rhombus Diamond Hexagon Mosaic Tile (1 Sheet).

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Superior Quality Illusion 3D Cube Rhombus Diamond Hexagon Mosaic Tiles in Calacatta Gold. For any interior project, the Italian Calacatta Oro Calcutta Gold Honed 2x3 Illusion 3D Cube Rhombus Diamond Hexagon Mosaic Wall & Floor Tiles are ideal. The 2x3 Calcutta Gold Calcatta Borghini Marble Illusion 3D Cube Mosaic tiles are suitable for a variety of applications, including bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, dining rooms, foyers, and spas. Size: 11.34 x 9.84 inches; Thickness: 5/16 inch; Color: Calacatta Gold Marble; Bright white cream field background with rich, deep, and dramatic gold, brown, beige, or gray veins; Finish: Matte or refined. Our classic Matte Calacatta Gold Marble Rhombus Diamond Hexagon Mosaic tiles come in a variety of complementing styles, including as arabesque, fish scale, penny round, herringbone, and basketweave mosaics; they may also be used for subway tiles, moldings, borders, and 12x12, 18x18, and 12x29 tiles. First-rate, well chosen, and consistently sized and finished. Factory Direct: Very affordable, meets your demands. Natural Beauty: One of the things that makes natural stone such an intriguing and lovely material is that it varies in pattern and color, making each piece unique. The image depicts a single stone; the appearance of your product may vary. Custom packing is available on all orders from Stone Center Online to guarantee that your item will arrive problem-free and ready for installation. We are the only natural stone firm that will provide you with this service at no extra cost. Depending on the requirements of your project, you can order small quantities or bigger quantities, which are easily accessible in both entire pallets and containers.

Polished Kitchen Bath Wall Floor Backsplash Shower Stone Center Online Calacatta Gold Marble Leaf Shape Medi Mosaic Tile (1 Sheet)

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Premium Calacatta Gold Marble Mosaic Tiles in a Leaf Shape. Italian polished gold calacatta oro Calcutta gold mosaic wall and floor tiles in the shape of a leaf are ideal for any interior design project. The kitchen backsplash, bathroom flooring, shower surround, dining room, foyer, and spa may all be decorated with the Medi Calcutta Gold Calcatta Borghini Marble Leaf Shape Mosaic tiles. Color: Calacatta Gold Marble; Dimensions: 10.94 x 10.04 inches; Thickness: 5/16 inch; Polished (Glossy); Rich, deep, and dramatic gold, brown, beige, or gray veins on a bright white cream field background We offer a wide range of complementary goods to go along with our classic Glossy Calacatta Gold Marble Leaf Shape Waterjet Mosaic tiles. These products include subway tiles, moldings, borders, fish scale, penny round, herringbone, and basketweave mosaics in sizes 12x12, 18x18, and 12x24. Excellent quality, well chosen, and consistent in both size and finish. At a very low cost, Factory Direct meets your needs. Natural Beauty: One reason natural stone is such a lovely and fascinating material is that it varies in pattern and color, making each piece unique. The image only shows one piece of stone; the actual product may have a different appearance. To guarantee that your order will arrive problem-free and ready for installation, Stone Center Online offers custom packing on all orders. We are the only natural stone business that provides this service to you at no extra cost. Larger amounts, which are easily available in both entire pallets and containers, can be ordered in smaller quantities based on the requirements of your project.engineered stone brisbane

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