Near the CNC lathe series a: what is called CNC lathe

Near the CNC lathe series a: what is called CNC lathe

What is a CNC lathe? It is literally explained: the machine tool controlled by digital technology is CNC lathe. This explanation is very inaccurate, because the machine tool controlled by digital technology is not necessarily aluminum cnc machininga CNC lathe. And for most people, the first thing to explain is what is a machine tool?

Machine tools, is the mother machine of all industrial manufacturing, in layman's terms, we were born in the hospital when the bed is called the delivery bed, then the machine tool is all mechanical equipment born seedbed, short for machine tool. In other words, all mechanical equipment is manufactured through the production of machine tools, so machine tools have the name of industrial mother machine. Familiar aircraft, vehicles, excavators, even spaceships, missiles, ships and so on, but all must be a combination of metal parts of the goods are required to use machine tools to produce manufacturing!

The role of machine tools is to process a variety of metal parts, in order to achieve the purpose of the combination of everyone installed into a variety of mechanical machines, such as the most common car next to us, its engine, gearboxes are installed by a combination of multiple parts, these parts through the machine tool processing out.

Understand what is called machine tools, right? Then what is the CNC lathe? The first can be sure that the CNC lathe is a kind of machine tool.

We generally divide the machine tools into two categories: the first category, called ordinary machine tools; the second category is the CNC lathe.

With the development of intelligent control system, now we produce many ordinary machine tools are actually digital technology to control, and CNC lathes will apply servo motors and PLC to control, so now the only difference between ordinary machine tools and CNC lathes is the multi-axis programmable interpolation brought by the CNC system.

For most people, mastering CNC lathes also do not need to understand what is a servo motor what is called PLC what is a CNC system what is interpolation, before the PLC function is complete, I explain the difference between ordinary machine tools and CNC lathes is: CNC lathes can achieve position control, while ordinary machine tools only speed control. Or take the most familiar car analogy: people come to drive a car when we just have speed control of the car, in other words, we drive speed 100 yards 50 yards 10 yards rate running on the road, want to stop we brake, the vehicle can stop in that position depends on the opportunity to brake and step on the brake fast and slow, you have no way to make the vehicle accurately stop in the distance you start how many meters how many millimeters position, which is we can only achieve the speed control of the car, the same before the ordinary machine tool is also so only carry out speed control; and CNC lathe is different, it can realize the position control, in other words I am processing parts, I can make it in the starting point of processing to cheap cnc machiningthe end of my set position is completed, and the accuracy of this distance can be 0.01mm or even 0.001mm. This is impossible to do in ordinary machine tools by manual braking to terminate.

But after the PLC function is complete, PLC also has a position controller, ordinary machine tools can also achieve position control, but it is still no way to complete the CNC system multi-axis programmable interpolation processing, in layman's terms, ordinary machine tools are not able to complete the processing of complex parts.

The above figure is a larger processing diameter of up to 25 meters of CNC lathe, according to the CNC interpolation it can process the parts on the figure, the part is not a cylinder and not a cone, but it also only needs the CNC lathe 2 axes of interpolation movement can be achieved.

Currently the most complex on behalf of CNC machine tools to process the largest technology parts is: propeller.

Propeller blade is a space surface, it is accurate processing must be CNC lathe five axes at the same time interpolation movement. This CNC technology in China's CNC 863 program before the success of Europe, the United States andadditive manufacturing rapid prototyping Japan are on our implementation of technology blockade.

The accuracy of the propeller depends on the size of the noise of the ship in the water, for submarines and nuclear submarines is of extraordinary significance.

Therefore, CNC lathe is a well-deserved national important tool.

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