Top 10 best CNC machine tool operating systems


HEIDENHAIN CNC control system

1. Heidenhain - Germany

Heidenhain is another one of the most famous German CNC controller manufacturers. Heidenhain can be described as a century-old German store, but also the originator of the world's measurement industry. Heidenhain CNC system fully rapid prototyping cnc embodies the three characteristics of high speed, high precision and high reliability. the intelligent manufacturing role of TNC CNC system provides a fully digital production task management role.

Haas numerical control system

2.Haas-United States

HaasCNC system is tailor-made and progressively improved for Haas machine tools, without relying on third-party NC suppliers. Easy to operate, especially equipped with an intuitive role that other brands of machine tools do not have, easier to process and program.

Siemens CNC system

3. Siemens - Germany

Siemens is a German manufacturer of CNC lathe controllers, founded in 1847, is a global manager in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. Over the years, Siemens has been committed to simulation, virtual machine tools and factory IT system integration in the field of CNC manufacturing. the full range of SINUMERIK CNC systems covers from popular machine tools and standard machine control solutions, modular advanced solutions and intelligent solutions for high-grade workpiece production.

FANUC numerical control system

4.FANUC - Japan

FANUC was established in 1956, the series contains FA, Robot and Robomanchine. is a set of CNC system research, design, manufacturing, sales as one of the strength of the company. FANUC with strong scientific research strength and rigorous procedures, the continued development of high-end products. Tightly occupy a larger share of the international medium CNC lathe market.

Huazhong numerical control system

5. Huazhong CNC - China

Huazhong NC is the best CNC controller manufacturer in China, insisting on independent innovation, looking at the international leading high-end CNC system, and successfully developing complete sets of goods. Its "HNC-8 series" high-performance machining center controller, CNC milling machine controller, servo controller, etc.cnc plastic prototype have independent intellectual property rights. Huazhong numerical control has long broken the multi-axis linkage (such as 5-axis linkage), high-speed high precision, field bus, open platform, based on the command domain big data intelligence and other key core technologies.

Mazak numerical control system

6.Mazak - Japan

Mazak more than 30 years of independent research and development of the seventh generation of CNC system MAZATROLSmoothX, has become the core technology of Mazak's future innovation. The main feature is the innovative human-machine interface, with unparalleled operating feeling, can significantly improve the efficiency of the solution, in response to the intelligent platform of the Internet of Things era, easy to realize the smart factory.

Mitsubishi CNC system

7. Mitsubishi - Japan

Mitsubishi Electric in 1956 began the development of CNC systems, has been more than 50 years of development history. The industry commonly used Mitsubishi CNC system M series, E series, C series. Among them, M700V series for high-end products, high precision and high quality processing, applicable to 5-axis linkage, can be processed on the surface of the complex shape of the workpiece.

FAGOR numerical control system


FAGOR is a world-renowned CNC system, digital display instrumentation and grating measurement system of professional manufacturers, was established in 1972. CNC8070 high-grade CNC system can control up to 28 go tool axis (linkage), 4 spindle, 4 tool magazine and 4 implementation mode.

NUM CNC controller board

9.NUM - France

NUM is a French manufacturer of CNC controller boards. 1961, NUM developed the first CNC controller and became one of the world's first CNC suppliers. nUM's Flexium + CNC system can control up to 200 CNC axes and spindles,rapid cnc machining each channel can interpolate up to 9 axes. The system has 40 solution channels, multiple NCK roles, and can be easily set up in a variety of ways with a human-machine interface or custom specification human-machine interface.

Bosch Rexroth CNC system

10. Bosch Rexroth - Germany

Rexroth (BoschRexroth) is the original Bosch automation technology department and the original Rexroth enterprise merged into in 2001, wholly owned by the Bosch Group. Bosch Rexroth is a world-renowned transmission and control company. It is a global leader in industrial hydraulics, electronic power and control, linear transmission and assembly technology, pneumatic and hydraulic transmission services, and even mobile machinery hydraulics.

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