What is the core of stock market investment?

What is the core of stock market investment?

The stock market and life are essentially the same. What is the most critical factor in our own life development? Some people think it is diploma, some people think it is parents or family atmosphere, some people think it is capturing windfall cbbc, some people think it is the other half of these.

All of these are internal human factors. Such factors are naturally vital, but they are by no means the root of life's growth. I think in fact the most important factor for the growth of life comes from internal reasons - our own ability in other words, our own hard work.

I have a friend is a well-known brand of university graduates of high talent, but now more than 50 years old, but miserable to play odd jobs. The reason is because of idleness, addicted to the network novel set of games.

I have a classmate with the overall strength of the family ssd vps, she was 26 years old at the time of assets of ten million. But now it is mediocre and economic development is in the toilet.

I know many people in the first few years to capture the development of the times "windfall". But these people fell hard after the windfall, and now work around to earn a living.

Looking back at the few friends I know who have been working hard for decades, they have been studying and thinking for a long time, and their lives are getting better and better through their own efforts. The relative height of the student's life has now thoroughly exceeded that of the good friends above by virtue of their homes, suffering from the wind and having a diploma. These truths may be clear to many people, but when it comes to the stock market many people will be confused.

Stock investment is not the main favorable policy, is not the external factors, is not the bull market. The main thing about stock investment is whether we investors have the ability to hold outstanding companies for a long time.

Without the most important self-investment ability as the foundation, all other external reasons to generate wealth will be finally turned into 0.

Like the above feel that the plunge in the market is a silver lining to the good friend, if he holds a sales performance is extremely ordinary listed stocks, so when the United States level after the good news it shares are indeed likely to soar a few days and may even have three or five months of big gains. But what can be done about it? The stock's mediocre performance will lead to a trapped rise, and it is likely to be held for ten or eight years without earning a few bucks. Unless he can get out of this bounce quickly and never get out of the stock market thereafter. If he re-enters the stock market, still not easy to choose stocks, then waiting for it sooner or later is the loss of money.

At the time when the top of the market head in 2015 appeared, our national support policies are coming out, and personally down the stock decline. This good news must be not small, right? Many underperforming stocks at that time because the national team took over the big and up a stock stop board or two, but now what happened to such underperforming stocks? Basically, the stock prices are at an all-time low. The stock prices need to be lower than after the stock market crash in 2015!

The central bank cut interest rates, the central bank cut, the outside stock market rally, executives look long, bull market -----. Such external factors, which will only enable us to get a transient time long-term investment boost, this transient duration of up to only one year, or even only one or two days. After the good news, the stock price of all the companies will still operate according to their real use value.

Only outstanding stocks of listed companies with great prospects can continue to set new records in stock prices in the long run, and only then can they bring us capital life and permanent happiness. The main factor is the ability to select or hold the best listed companies for a long time.

What can really bring us money in trading is never the various external good news factors, but rather our own strong investment ability.

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