How to fully understand the visa?


1. Engineering visa refers to the supplementary agreement reached between the contractor's site representative and the contractor's site representative in accordance with the agreement of the contract on the compensation of costs other than the contract price, the delay of the construction period and the compensation of losses brought about by various reasons during the performance of the construction contract. (Note: including visas, supplemental agreements, work contact sheets, minutes of meetings, etc., also including the engineer's request to the project manager to submit a report, notice and other signatures, generally in the form of technical approval and business negotiation sheet embodies the majority.)

2. Characteristics of visa: 1. It is the product of unanimity of meaning. A party to make a visa offer, the other party to give a commitment, the two sides mean the same, the legal consequences are to determine the fact or visa extension hong kong change the contract; 2. is to claim the right of proof. The contractor, with the visa, is able to request the other party to delay the construction period, raise the price or compensate for the loss, otherwise the claim has no basis. 3, is the regular behavior. The contractor must adhere to the countermeasure of "low bid, diligent visa, high claim" to achieve profitability.

3. Visa is the act of both parties to reach agreement on the meaning; claim is the unilateral act of claiming not recognized, and then exercising the right to the other party. Visa is to determine or change the facts, designed to fix the evidence, to lay the foundation for the success of the claim; claim is to claim the right behavior, rely on the visa bill and other evidence applicable. Visa is always around the contract, is the "face" work, so we should be diligent visa; claims is the dispute when the exercise of rights, is the "point" work, so to fine claims.

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Is a visa extension denial possible?

If the applicant's request for an extension is denied, they are still regarded to be in good standing until the day their application is decided. The date of refusal marks the start of the 90-day restoration period outlined in section R182.

How long does a typical extension last?

The duration typically ranges between 7 and 15 months, depending on the size and scope of your extension (sometimes a lot longer). This is due to the wide variety of procedures, specialists, and uncontrollable variables involved in building an addition.

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