Don't you know the importance of letting children practice calligraphy?

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As the saying goes, words are like faces, and words are like people. Writing a good handwriting is a "bonus item" for a child's life!

When it comes to child discipline, many parents only focus on their children's academic performance chinese alphabet. The whole family will be happy if their child does well in school. They don't care whether their children write well or not. In fact, this is not true, and many language teachers and principals speak highly of children who write well, and these children tend to do well in school.

Good words that are pleasing to the eye not only reflect a child's excellent character and good habits, but also have advantages in various examinations. Let us put ourselves in the shoes of others. If you are a marking teacher, will you be more impressed when you see a well-written paper when correcting some subjective questions? Parents, don't ignore this!

So what does writing well do for kids? Next, I will make a list for you as soon as possible. If you observe them carefully, you will know the importance of getting your children to practice calligraphy from an early age:

First of all, Chinese characters are a unique art of the Chinese nation with a long history and the pride of the Chinese nation. Learning Chinese characters can make students feel the artistic charm of ancient culture, thereby stimulating their determination and confidence to inherit and carry forward the national tradition. Moreover, writing is a tool for recording language, expressing and exchanging ideas. The quality of the writing style can reflect the spiritual outlook of the writer, "the mind is upright and the pen is upright".

Many of the current problems are not that students are not smart, but are too sloppy, not serious, and not attentive. To practice calligraphy, we must devote ourselves to education. Over time, we can develop a good habit of rigorous work and seriousness. Facts can prove that if you want to write well, you must keep calm, correct your posture, and persevere. The tenacity and endurance that students lack the most can be obtained through the company's own practice of writing stroke by stroke, so that they can develop a good habit of perseverance and focus.

Compared with school courses, writing teaching is mainly to develop the right brain, which is conducive to the coordinated development of the left and right brains. By copying inscriptions and observing the structure and composition of Chinese characters, students can develop their overall grasp of thinking ability.

So to sum up, practicing calligraphy can not only improve temperament, but also cultivate habits and optimize thinking by understanding history. It is the most important learning ability and one of the most important means to improve national quality.

In order to help children correct their writing posture, develop good writing habits, correct a large number of spelling mistakes, improve writing quality, and write standard and beautiful decent fonts, Tianjin has already known that the school and the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have jointly opened a hard-tipped pen calligraphy class. Small class teaching allows children to learn to write first, practice correct brushwork, develop pen control ability, write smoothly, and then learn calligraphy characteristics, dynamic changes of brushes formed by changes in details, children can correctly understand and practice points, according to details, etc. Features. In this way, the knowledge of calligraphy can be broken down in more detail. With the pace of children's cognition, it is easier for children to accept calligraphy exercises and fall in love with calligraphy.

In the hard pen calligraphy course, teachers teach students according to their aptitude, teach children the correct posture of holding a pen and sitting posture, cultivate good writing habits, standardize their occupations, learn strokes in the order of strokes, accumulate new words, help children easily improve the quality of writing, and obtain beautiful calligraphy.

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