A plastic bottle, you can make a pot brushing tool!


Wire ball is a necessary cleaning tool in our kitchen, usually we will use it to brush pots and pans, brush the bowl, like the kitchen some of the more stubborn grease, we will also use wire ball to scrub. But every time you use the steel wire ball, you will get your hands full of grease. Especially now that the weather has become cold, every time after brushing pots and pans, hands are greasy, it is difficult to clean. And accidentally wire ball is also easy to hurt your hands. Today we sponges & scouring pads will teach you a trick, only need a plastic bottle, you can make a particularly good use of the pot brushing tool. We will use it to brush pots and pans, dishwashing, grease will not get on the hand, the following follow me to see exactly how to operate it!

We need to prepare a plastic bottle, like the usual mineral water bottle or beverage bottle are available. Then we cut the plastic bottle into two parts with a knife in the lower third of the bottle mouth. We only need to use the upper part of the bottle, the lower part can be thrown away. Cutting well, there will be some burrs at the edges of the cut, we can use scissors to trim it to prevent it from cutting hands.

Next, we use a soldering iron to poke two holes in the middle of the bottle cap, the hole does not need to be too big, can pass through the rope on it. The distance between the two holes is about 0.5cm. If we do not have a soldering iron to poke holes at home, you can also use the tip of scissors, but be careful not to hurt eco washing up sponge your hands.

After the holes are poked, screw down the bottle cap. Let's find a slightly thicker rope, I used the handheld rope from the gift bag. Start by threading one end of the handheld rope through the centre of the wire ball, then thread the rope through the plastic bottle. And finally, thread it through each of the two holes in the bottle cap.

All through, we screwed the cap back on, and then pulled the rope tightly, and then on the cap, tied the rope in a dead knot to hold it in place, so that the ball of steel wire is firmly fixed in the middle of the plastic bottle.

Finally, we also tie a dead knot on the top of the rope, a brush pots and pans is done, we can use it to brush the dishes and pots and pans.

Usually we use steel wire ball to brush dishes or pots, are grabbed directly brush, so often our hands will be sticky with grease. When we use this pot brush, we don't need to grab the steel wire natural luffa ball, just grab the cap part to brush, so our hands won't stick to the dirty water, and naturally won't become greasy. Moreover, we use it to brush and the force is also very even, so we can brush our pots and pans very clean.

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