How to plan our money nowadays


The current economy we must not increase indebtedness, we must consume reasonably, plan every cent of our money, can not overspend, to avoid debt consumption, to rule out the vicious debt, control the benign debt.

First, to save money

1, each family should arrange a good defensive savings, in peace and mindful of the danger, that is to say, you usually want to save enough for your daily monthly rigid expenditure of 6 months of funds (water, electricity, gas, communications, telephone bills, broadband fees, property costs, commuting costs, daily living expenses, etc., mortgage, car loans, rental housing and rent, etc.), and hospital deposits of a minimum of 2,000 yuan in cash (hospitalisation of all the costs of all the costs are not deducted from the medical insurance loan card, is to use the medical insurance co-ordination fund, the medical insurance co-ordination fund, the medical insurance co-ordination fund, the medical insurance co-ordination fund, the medical insurance co-ordination fund, the medical insurance co-ordination fund and the medical insurance co-ordination fund. The first thing you need to do is to use the health insurance co-ordinator to pay a deposit, and then when you are discharged from the hospital you pay the out-of-pocket portion, and the health insurance covers the rest, and your deposit is more than refundable after deducting the capital portion);.

2, defensive savings also include: pension insurance (account), medical insurance, accident insurance and critical illness insurance, etc., if the process of financial management is viewed as a pyramid of wealth creation, then the insurance is the bottom of the tower of the building.

3, pocket money, the heart will be stable, after middle age, you save every money is your happiness in old age, to give you a simple and practical "333 small law of money", each month's payroll is divided into three, spending, savings, investment, so that money each month can save one-third of the income, day after day, the accumulation of months. Gathering less into more, and ultimately is not a small amount of money, if the law of 333 temporarily can not do, you can first try the law of ninety-one, that is, 10% of the income of the mandatory savings up.

4, save money have to have money, do not make money, which can have money, but engage in money addiction must also be sober on earth, can not give up the main business in order to part-time, can not be sacrificed for profit.

Some people choose to resign in a fit of rage, in fact, who cares about you, the injury is only your own, as they say, people have to bow their heads under the eaves, when there is no money, bow your head, is really living to understand.

Second, will spend money can save money

1, life consumption can be, borrowing money to spend carefully, to the amount of money out, thrifty and frugal.

2, distinguish what is necessary to consume, what is wanted to consume, do not waste money and energy on unnecessary consumption.

3, usually learn to keep score, summed up at the end of the month, will find that usually spend out of small money, more than a few times a long time is not a small amount of expenditure, there are a number of unnecessary spending. How to keep score? The right way can get twice the result with half the effort, not a simple running account, to be divided into categories, sub-division of the account, to facilitate from the miscellaneous and fragmented data to find a rational analysis of financial income and expenditure of the clues to the bottom of the family;.

4, do not ignore those invisible small money, such as in the transition period to deposit money into a bank account similar to the Alipay Balance, WeChat Zero Money, a type of financial account, the interest rate is higher than the current, transfer and support can be directly transferred, it is very convenient; and then for example, credit card, phone card points can be fully utilised.

5, the total law of daily life, that is to say, first clear the provisions of their own kind of things the number of pieces, and so there is a thing broken you can go to make up for a piece, the number of fill in the number to be consistent with the number of your original. For example, clothing in accordance with the spring (autumn), summer, winter to configure, 3 sets of daily professional clothing, 3 sets of casual wear, 1 set of major occasions formal wear, 1 set of sportswear, style to be classic, the colour as much as possible, texture ploan should be good, not easy to go out of fashion, the shoes colour black and white to meet the workplace and daily needs.

6, equivalent conversion method, assuming you want to spend $ 300 to buy an imported lipstick before asking what changes it can bring you? How much money do you earn in a day? If your day's income is only 100 yuan, with 3 days of income to change a lipstick worth it? If it is not worth it, do not buy, buy some pig liver, red dates, sultanas, etc. to make up for the blood, 20 yuan and then buy a colour-changing lipstick.

7, want to buy a thing before you think, there is no similar home? This thing I really need? The frequency of use of this thing is high? Only buy the right one, not the wrong one.

Save money is a reasonable disposal of money and material, money on the knife edge, make the best use of things, spend money to feel their pockets, do not earn less spend more.

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