PDF with so much trouble! Why everyone is using it?4 in-depth analysis of the reasons why

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Portable Document Format (known as PDF) is the basic document format for processing document files. A file format developed for exchanging files in a manner independent of applications, operating systems, and hardware.online pdf conversion freePDF files are based on the PostScript image model, which guarantees accurate color and printing on any printer.PDF faithfully reproduces every character, color, and image of a manuscript.

Portable Document Format is an electronic file format. This file format is independent of the operating system platform, which means that PDF files are common to Windows, Unix, and Apple's Mac OS operating systems. This feature makes it an ideal document format for electronic document distribution and digital information dissemination on the Internet.scanned pdf to word converter online More and more e-books, product descriptions, company announcements, web materials, emails have begun to use PDF files. Editing documents in PDF format is very difficult. What is the significance of its existence relative to the docx format?

Today we explain why!

4 advantages of PDF

1. PDF format document page layout is fixed, in the cross-device printing, transmission and viewing, we do not have to worry about format confusion.

2.PDF has a high compression cost ratio, in order to ensure clarity at the same time, the file system size can be very small.

3.PDF can be freely set up file permissions, such as restrictions on editing, restrictions on opening, restrictions on printing, restrictions on copying permissions, set passwords and so on.

4.PDF format can be said to be very friendly support for vector graphics, in particular, it can zoom in and out of graphics without affecting the clarity of graphics.

What does all this mean?

PDF itself means reading, printing and transmission.

1. Different electronic technology products, different systems to carry out the equipment, different file formats, can be in the PDF can be developed as much as the effect of reading and teaching.

2. engineering design CAD drawings must know, many times to convert CAD to PDF, is to be transferred to the leadership to see ah, PDF can be better, more convenient to show drawings. And it is easy to print!

3.PDF of the signature, encryption, watermarking and other features also better protect the copyright, to ensure the security of transmission!

We work and study, but also often look at PDF documents ah!

For example, when writing a paper, a lot of downloaded resources are in PDF format!

For example, a lot of information is in PDF format!

Even many novels are now in PDF format!

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