Prevent high voltage discharges from damaging circuits

Prevent high voltage discharges from damaging circuits

The 12 most important things to remember when using a laser engraving machine

The laser engraving machine is also a laser marking machine. It requires fine maintenance to keep it stable.

It is important to ground laser engraving machines and laser power supplies, laserpecker metal engraving and the grounding wire should be less than four special grounding wires. The reason for grounding is:

Maintains a normal laser power supply,

Extend the service life of the laser tube,

prevents external interference from beating the machine,

Prevent high voltage discharges from damaging circuits.

It is crucial to maintain a consistent flow of cooling water in the laser engraving machine, regardless of using tap water or circulating pumps. This water serves to dissipate heat from the laser tube, making it important to keep its temperature between 15-20 °C in order to avoid any decrease in optical output power. In the event of a disruption in the cooling water supply, prompt repairs must be made to prevent potential damage to the equipment or reduced power output. Regular checks should also be conducted to ensure continuous and unobstructed flow of the cooling water.

Consistent upkeep and adequate care are crucial for effectively managing a machine tool. Similar to how stiff joints impede human movement, the guide rail plays a vital role in the proper functioning of a machine tool and should be properly maintained. After each research task, it is important to thoroughly wipe and lubricate the guide rail to ensure seamless operation. Additionally, routine oiling of the bearings is essential for maintaining flexibility in the enterprise's driving mode, precision in processing technology, and extending the lifespan of the machine tool.

The ambient temperature and humidity should be between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius, and the following should be considered:

Never freeze the circulating water in the laser tube, and drain it after shutting it down;

The laser must be preheated for more than five minutes in order to function normally. To improve the high voltage and prevent the failure of the high voltage circuit, the laser power supply should be heated for a long time in rainy and humid environments until it is properly dehumidified.

It is crucial to properly use the Laser High Voltage button and keep safety in mind. When this button is activated, it puts the laser power supply on standby. This prevents unintentional harm to people and objects in case of a "manual lighting" or computer error. To avoid accidents, remember to turn off the "laser high voltage" (also known as laser current) after each job. It is also strictly prohibited for the operator to leave without permission while the machine is running. For optimal safety, limit continuous work to 5 hours with a 30-minute break in between sessions.

A safe distance should be maintained between large welding machines, enterprise power mixers, and equipment for power transmission and transformation in order to prevent possible damage to the national machinery market. It is also important to avoid vibrating equipment like forging presses and nearby motor vehicles as they interfere with precise engraving. Even though these instances are rare, they should still be avoided whenever possible.

As long as the lightning protection measures of the building can be reliable, as well as a "good grounding" in this part can also help prevent lightning. You should install a regulated power supply with a capacity of at least 3000W in unstable areas to prevent voltage fluctuations from burning out circuits or computers.

If you are using the control PC to operate the engraving equipment, be sure that it is stable. Note that a network card and antivirus firewall on this computer can significantly reduce the controller's speed. Only use it if you have the necessary graphic design software. Before starting the engraving machine, disable the network card if data communication is required.

During the operation of the guide rail, a large amount of dust will be generated due to the processing materials. Wipe off the original oil and dust from the guide rail, and then apply a layer of oil to the rail's surface and sides. A week is the recommended maintenance period.

A fan's exhaust efficiency will be affected after a period of time due to dust accumulation in the fan and exhaust pipe, resulting in a large amount of smoke being expelled. In order to perform maintenance, remove the exhaust duct from the fan, clean the dust from it, and loosen the hose connecting the duct to the fan. A maintenance period of approximately one month is required.

10. Fastening of the screw: the motion control system will produce some loose, loose screws during the development phase, which will affect the stability of the mechanical design movement. In maintenance management, screws are tightened one by one with the included tools. The maintenance life cycle is one month.

Caring for the lens of a laser engraving machine is crucial. Continual exposure to dust in the working environment can cause build-up on the lens, reducing its effectiveness in reflecting and transmitting light. This can ultimately hinder the overall performance of the laser. To prevent this, use alcohol-soaked cotton to gently wipe the lens surface in a clockwise direction, removing any debris. Regular maintenance like this is essential for prolonging the lifespan of the machine and maximizing work efficiency.

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