Why do watches need maintenance in 3-5 years?


Even the popularity of cell phones and smart watches has not made the watch out of the historical stage, instead, the consumption of watches has been steadily increasing year by year, especially mechanical watches are more loved by the majority of consumers, and the watch still has its unique charm and cultural heritage, and has also become the wrist favorite of many consumers.

Watches for many owners that is a timekeeping tool,TUDOR Black Bay M7941A1A0RU-0003 but also a kind of luxury, many customers in the comparison of mechanical watches and quartz watches, the reason why the choice of mechanical watches, is for the pursuit of mechanical beauty, but also think that the mechanical watch has a value-added and inheritance of the role of the Patek Philippe's propaganda, no one really owns a Patek Philippe, but only for the next generation of custodian only.

Many consumers have a very in-depth knowledge of automobile maintenance, will take the initiative to do car maintenance, car maintenance is also so that the engine is in a better state, the car can be used for a safer and longer.TUDOR Ranger M79950-0001 However, many people still have certain misunderstandings about watch maintenance, thinking that a watch does not need maintenance as long as it can move.

Mechanical watch time is dependent on the movement gears and clockwork release energy when non-stop running time, metal long time contact grinding, colleagues also need to protect the stable operation between the gear bearings. Watch movement generally contains more than 200 parts, the movement of the gears and other accessories mainly rely on the operation of the lubricant to ensure that the watch in the use of 3-5 years, the lubricant in the movement will gradually dry over time, producing sludge, affecting the smoothness of the movement, which will require the movement to wash the oil maintenance.

Another technical feature of the movement that needs maintenance is the low oscillation of the movement. Generally speaking, the amplitude of the balance wheel of a new watch is about 280-310 degrees when the watch is fully wound. However, as time goes by, the lubricant in the bearings of the timing wheel system gradually evaporates, and the amplitude of the balance wheel becomes smaller and smaller, and the efficiency of transmitting power becomes poorer and poorer. Therefore, it is generally recommended that an oil cleaning should be carried out when the amplitude of the pendulum is below 250 degrees.

Some customers' watches have been used for 3-5 years, the amplitude of the pendulum is also lower than 250 degrees, and the timekeeping error of the movement is also relatively large, the customer still insists on not being willing to maintain, which may cause greater losses, because the lubricating oil inside the movement has already dried up, and it will make the gear parts inside the movement produce dry friction, and the prolonged dry friction will greatly accelerate the wear and tear of the parts of the movement. When the movement stops running to repair, may need to replace more parts plus movement cleaning oil maintenance, will produce a greater cost, serious may cause complete damage to the movement. The dried oil generated inside the movement may jam the parts inside the movement, directly causing damage to the core parts inside the movement, and the repair cost will be even greater.

After the watch is more than 2 years old, go to the designated official after-sale center regularly to test it. You can enjoy the watch testing service in the store, and regularly know the timekeeping condition, waterproof performance and whether your watch is subject to magnetism.

In order to use your watch for a longer time, you need to know more about the basic knowledge of watch maintenance and develop good wearing habits. When choosing a watch after-sale center, you must choose a regular brand authorized after-sale center, which has brand authorization certificates, professionally imported instruments, professionally trained maintenance technicians, original brand accessories and professional operation procedures, so as to avoid secondary damage to your watch. This can avoid secondary damage to your favorite watch.

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