The most complete face to carry out care, do not tell us others yo

The most complete face to carry out care, do not tell us others yo

Daily facial care, the main attention to detail. Facial care, to start from the basics, first of all, to understand the correct order of facial care.

The first step:Cleaning. Remove the dirt from your face

Every day dirty air, cosmetics and skin secretions, will form a layer of cover on the surface of the skin, so that the pores are blocked and smooth, which in turn causes unhealthy skin. Cleansing is the first step in basic maintenance to get rid of dirt from your skin. If you don't cleanse thoroughly, your hair follicles may become clogged, making your skin look rough and dull. You're more likely to develop acne, pimples or other skin problems, and even the best care products won't do what they're supposed to and may even make your skin worse. Therefore, it's important to carefully select good cleansing products and cleanse properly to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Step 2: Balance and soften the skin

A very important but often overlooked step in the basic maintenance process is:toning the skin, also known as using lotion. Balancing and softening the skin is the second step in the regimen and serves three purposes.

1. Cleansing again: In the cleansing step of the work, there may be a need to clean less than full and thorough, so that the cleaning products remain on the skin, using a balancing and softening products, can achieve the effect of our cleaning again.

2. Astringent skin: In the process of washing the face, the pores are stimulated and slightly swollen, with this step, Mioggi Facialyou can effectively astringent pores.

3. Balance the development of the natural existence of the pH: the sebaceous membrane secreted by the skin to protect their skin can not be affected by bacteria, microbial infestation, but washing the face may cause damage to the sebaceous membrane of the pH, so that the skin for the resistance to foreign objects continue to weaken the skin, so the need for a toner to restore the normal skin's natural pH.

Step 3: Moisturize

The third step in basic maintenance is moisturizing, which provides the skin with the nutrients and water it needs to have a healthy skin quality and elasticity, giving it a bright and attractive appearance.

Step 4: Protect

The fourth step of basic care is protection, which forms a protective film on the surface of the skin to prevent the muscular layer from being harmed by undesirable external environmental factors.

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