Google seo how to optimize, the effect can be better?

Google seo how to optimize, the effect can be better?

Google search engine optimization needs to do a good job of site structure optimization, content optimization, image optimization, code optimization and other work, do a good job of these basic optimization work, you can try to carry out the construction of the site external chain, to help the site to obtain the trust of the search engine, the friendliness of the search engine, so as to get a better ranking on Google, so as to improve the site visits and create a higher value!

Google SEO can bring free natural traffic, everyone wants it, so it is not easy to get. It could be that there is something wrong with the way you do it for a few months. Below, I will teach you from the keywords, site optimization, SEO tools, seo company data monitoring and other aspects of how to do a good job of SEO optimization of the site!

First, the research and analysis of keywords

Whether it is SEO optimization or advertising, before you start working on the keywords. Because you have to at least know what words your target customers are searching for, there is traffic,seo agency in order to continue your work. Keyword research is all about finding those keywords that are worth paying attention to.

A question worth researching the keywords we go to work on must be able to fulfill:

(1) the keyword has a certain amount of search volume.

(2) the difficulty of optimizing this keyword is within your ability.

(3) This keyword should be able to bring you traffic.

(4) This keyword brings traffic that has commercial value.

(5) Keyword diversity.

Second, Google SEO optimization business essential management tools

If you want to do well, you must sharpen your tools. The use of good SEO tools can help us take the road less traveled and solve problems more directly and effectively. Here are 15 tools, free and paid, to choose from.

Third, SEO on-site optimization

Traffic is the heart of the crossover, SEO optimization (search engine optimization), a free natural traffic, has become a beacon, google seo optimization these 8 SEO station in the optimization of the details, read please hurry to implement!

01 Reasonable planning of keywords, simplify the site structure

02 Create meaningful product titles and descriptions

03 Add some image Alt tags

04 Page loading speed is crucial

05 Set unimportant pages to no index.

06 Submit a site map (sitemap)

07 Mobile Adaptation

08 Reasonable deployment of the site's internal chain

Fourth, SEO external chain construction

External link construction can import relevant traffic for your target website, thus increasing the number of user visits. Prepare a good content first, and then you can build external links~

Fifth, SEO data for recording and monitoring

Website search engine optimization has a link-to-link process, in short, is the search demand coverage - including well-ordered - display good - search engine optimization data analysis. Each step of the improvement will have a great impact on the final results, so, in this process, must do a good job of recording data.

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