What potential does the Internet of Things hold?


The Internet of Things has gone from a technology that few people have heard of in the past decade, rolling wireless to many companies investing in and developing applications, and now the vast majority of enterprises can use the Internet of Things to some extent, whether in operational optimization, product innovation, or customer service.

The momentum behind this is largely due to the maturity of many of the technologies surrounding iot, such as iot platforms, cloud and connectivity, a lot of application development already has a clear ROI, a lot of the infrastructure that supports iot, such as data centers, Lpwan and 5g, is penetrating, and finally the availability of talent, technology and tools.

But it is also on this basis that the real value of the Internet of things in different industries can be supported and many applications can be enabled. iot module In an assessment done before the MGI epidemic, iot has the opportunity to create a potential value of $4 trillion to $11 trillion by 2025.

While iot has driven many new innovations and applications, there are still many gaps across the industry that prevent iot from penetrating more fully. These issues include iot capability gaps, coordination between IT-OT-ET, and imperfect iot connectivity specifications.

In order to better help the industry understand the Internet of Things and explore the opportunities and markets related to the Internet of Things, we have sorted out the analysis and related research from the application of the Internet of Things, scientific and technological development, policy and the progress of countries and other fields, hoping to support the industry to think more effectively about this technology.

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