Why Konjac sponge is more suitable for baby bathing?


Infants and young children have delicate skin,cellulose sponge sheet poor defense ability and high metabolism. If you do not bathe regularly, the accumulation of excrement such as sweat will irritate the skin and easily lead to skin infections. The baby has 100-250 sweat glands per 1 square centimeter of skin, and the dirt from these sweat glands needs to be removed in time. So why is Konjac sponge better for bathing your baby?

The traditional towel fiber surface is rough,konjac body sponge a little force, it is easy to rub the baby's skin red, and even bruise. The coil of the towel will continue to accumulate oil and dandruff on the healthy skin of the human body, which is not easy to clean and easy to become the breeding bacteria. Konjac sponge is made of a natural Konjac plant through fiber materials, delicate tissue structure, like jelly lubrication, completely can not worry about chafing baby's tender skin.

Natural Konjac sponge production process, steel spongewill naturally form a three-dimensional mesh structure, the size of the holes, these holes can be like a foaming net, just a small amount of shower gel, can produce rich dense foam. At the same time, the excess oil and dirt on the surface of the baby's skin can be absorbed and cleaned.

Konjac alcohol in konjac has a natural antibacterial effect. After using Konjac sponge, wash it with water and put it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid bacterial contamination.

Bath sponge, divided into artificial sponge and natural sponge two kinds. Bath balls and sponges are all for the same purpose - to play, foam and foam. That's it... Lather with anything. When you wash your hair, it's a natural lather. Personally, I don't think foam machines are very important... Foam a lot of kids play very happy ah, but do not wash clean, give me personal experience... .. . You can usually get a lot of mud out of foam. Just wash some of the oil off the surface of the skin, and rub some mud. The advantage of the bath ball is to save on the bath emulsion, one pump is enough, and the foam is great.

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