Food with natural pigmentation from light to dark is more nutritious and darker.


The term "black food" refers to black beans, black sesame, black fungus, kelp, nori, black chicken, sea cucumber, and other foods with a black appearance that contain natural melanin. Don't look at them all as "black," ordinary-lookingbinmei people, but they play an important role in health care.

Food to black for complementary, nutrition experts discovered that the food color and its nutrition are very closely related. The natural pigmentation of food from light to dark improves its nutritional content and structure. As a result, "black food" has a higher nutritional health value.


According to the doctor, food has five colors, each of which corresponds to one of the five organs, with "black food" correspond to the kidney meridian. The kidney is the body's "innate essence," as well as its main bone and marrow and its flower in the hair. As a result, eating "black food" can help to increase strength by filling the marrow, blood, black hair, strong waist, and knees. There is a good health care effect for dizziness, dizziness, premature graying of the hair, lumbar weakness, and other kidney essencespirulina concentrate deficiency diseases.


"Black food" is high in vitamin C, vitamins, lecithin, flavonoids, and other substances, and it acts as a natural antioxidant by scavenging free radicals. Regular consumption of "black food" can help to fight and delay aging.

Cancer avoidance

According to research, "black food" has a wide range of anti-cancer effects, particularly black fungus, kelp, sea cucumber, and so on.

Fat removal

"Black food" contains fatty acids, fiberspirulina powder blue, flavonoids, and other substances that can lower blood night cholesterol content, reduce lipid absorption, and thus play a blood lipid lowering effect.

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