The Bath Coconut sponge comes in two varieties - artificial and natural.


The Bath Coconut sponge comes in two varieties - artificial and natural. cellulose sponge cloth manufacturers Both the Bath balls and Coconut sponges serve the same purpose of creating a rich lather for cleansing. You can use any soap or shampoo to lather up, but I prefer using natural ingredients. In my opinion, foam machines are not necessary as kids can have fun playing with regular foam. However, it may not clean as well, based on my personal experience. By using a bath ball, you can remove excess oil from your skin's surface and exfoliate with gentle scrubbing. The advantage of a bath ball is that it requires less bath emulsion; just one pump will do and the resulting foam is impressive.

When it comes to baby bathing, why is Konjac Coconut sponge better?

The skin of infants and young children is delicate, the defense ability is poor, and the metabolism is high. If you do not bathe regularly, sweat and excrement will accumulate and irritate your skin, leading to skin infections more easily. The baby has 100-250 sweat glands per 1 square centimeter of skin, and dirt from these sweat glands needs to be removed in time. Therefore, Konjac Coconut sponge is the best option for bathing your baby.

The traditional towel fiber surface is rough, it is easy to rub the baby's skin red, and even bruise, with a little force. On the healthy skin of the human body, the coil of the towel will continue to accumulate oil and dandruff, which can be difficult to clean and can even become breeding ground for bacteria. Through fiber materials, the Konjac Coconut sponge has a delicate tissue structure, which is like jelly lubrication, so you don't have to worry about chafing your baby's soft skin.

With the natural Konjac Coconut sponge production process, a three-dimensional mesh structure will naturally form. The size of these holes can produce a foaming net with just a little shower gel. In addition, the baby's skin can be cleaned of excess oil and dirt at the same time.

Konjac alcohol has a natural antibacterial effect. After using Konjac Coconut sponge, wash it with water and keep it in a cool, ventilated place to prevent bacterial contamination.

Using nano-Coconut sponges for housework is bad for our health?

There are also other names for Nano-Coconut sponge, including magic clean Coconut sponge friction and melamine Coconut sponge (). In order to effectively clean stainless steel, bathroom, glass, tiles, leather sofas, cars, tables, chairs, wood floors, and other household items, only water is required to remove stains, which is very familiar to everyone.

There are reports that the raw material of the nano-Coconut sponge is melamine, which has raised concerns about its potential harm to the human body. This concern stems from the melamine-tainted milk powder scandal, in which children consumed milk powder containing melamine. However, while melamine itself is not toxic, ingesting it can be harmful, similar to consuming a stone in powdered form. Melamine is not digestible and does not have any nutritional value, and unscrupulous manufacturers have been known to add nitrogen to products like milk powder to pass agency tests. This can lead to serious health issues such as kidney stones and malnutrition in children who cannot properly digest it.

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