Gender psychology: Our relationship is excellent, but there is sexual discord.


The topic of "sexless marriages" recently gained some modest popularity, and one worrying fact surfaced:

A poll on the marital status of married men andapp controlled vibrator women in China found that in the previous year, 6.2% of the married men and women surveyed had no sex at all, while 28.7% of those couples did not even have sex once a month.

Marriage counseling is also getting more and more popular, as more and more people ask themselves "should I put up with a sexlessapp controlled vibrator marriage"?

The first generation of post-1980s and post-1990s people are not just divorcing, but their sexual life are also dwindling.

I just read a report on a divorce survey inapp controlled vibrator China that claimed that more than 85% of separated families are the result of conflict, much of which is related to the couple's sexual relationship.

The majority of divorces result from couples not attending to their regular bodily requirements, particularly sex, which plants the seeds of a failing marriage. Some are brought on by their own physical state, other illnesses,app controlled vibrator and extramarital affairs, though some are caused by these factors as well.

A marriage without sex is like a soup without flavor, tasteless, according to some, and while this phrase may be a touch overstated, it is not without foundational truth.

In the past, some people sought after Platonic spiritual love because they believed it to be honorable and pure.

A typical marriage provides a mechanism for two people to reproduce children as well as a way for their spiritual and emotional worlds to converge.

Anything that contradicts the body's natural needs is unscientific and may harm the body both physically and psychologically to varying degrees.

In sexuality, when one should least strive, striving merely serves to further undermine the enjoyment.

As you might expect, there is no quality to be discovered in such a sex life; there is only the aftereffect: even less desire the next time.

Even just the fact that the other partnerapp controlled vibrator is on top of you for a long time to satiate their "unwanted" one-sided sexual wants constitutes a significant psychological and behavioral assault.

What distinguishes a date from having sex solely to fulfill a bodily need?

One guest spoke up as she was lying in bed, feeling like her husband used her as a venting device and that she was simply there to fulfill his needs.

Maybe it's because the two of them have long since lost the passion they once shared during a romantic relationship. In any case, the few times they do have sex, it is routine and just performed to satisfy their bodily demands without creating an emotional bond.

If a guy cheats on a woman for an extended period of time without engaging in sex, the woman also bears an unavoidable obligation; do not accuse the woman of being a red herring if she does not receive a man's caress for an extended period of time.

A typical pair will inevitably require the necessary marital life to continue.

That is, do not undervalue the importance of a healthy marriage between a man and a woman.

Of course, if you think that your platonic relationship will survive forever, I think that both of you may agree to live sexless lives.

The feelings someone has for your body are a clear indication of whether they love you or not.

Like the two sides of a coin, sex and love are inseparable in marriage.

Our lives begin with sex, which also gives rise to our desires and pleasures and is frequently taboo in our society.

We frequently witness these heartbreaking events because there is a lack of a rational knowledge of sexuality:

Children are abused illicitly because they lack a basic sense of self-protection because their parents don't talk about sex;

Teenagers and young girls who were in the beginning stages of romantic relationships and tried the forbidden fruit in the riskiest way possible because they did not receive timely guidance and education, ending up in the operating room with a life they should never have been given, and harming their physical and mental health;

Men and women who are supposedly of marriageable age who join into marriages that should never have started because they have been indoctrinated with certain firmly held and biased beliefs of marriage;

Some people can't grow under the same skyapp controlled vibrator because they are merely different pyrotechnics. There are countless ways to communicate love, and some people find it difficult to do so.

Unhappiness with your sex life and the poor quality of your sex life has turned into an unbearable sorrow in many people's hearts, regardless of whether you are in love or married.

The problem with sex is that it's like having sand in the bottom of your shoe; only you are aware of how uncomfortable you are, and you're too ashamed to tell anyone.

Sex and love are intrinsically linked, especially for women.

How can there be a harmonic love if there isn't satisfying sex?

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