Analyze from before, during and after studying abroad: why I choose Hong Kong, China to study abroad?

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Currently, studying abroad has become one of the most important ways for mainland students to access international quality education resources.In 2018, the number of international students has reached 662,100, with an annual growth rate of visa application hong kong Among them, Hong Kong is one of the most popular cities for study abroad destinations, so what is the charm of studying in Hong Kong? Let's take a look.

Considerations before studying abroad

1. Geographical advantage of being separated by water

With the increasing transparency of study abroad information, many parents and students have become more rational in their choice of study abroad. In addition to the basic factors such as cost, school and professional ranking, application difficulty, etc., geographic location, living conditions, climate and environment have also become important considerations.

Reason analysis is actually very simple, more and more only child to carry on the family, parents hope to be able to and the child can often through communication, understand a child student learning and life recent situation. Hong Kong is often jokingly referred to as "study abroad without leaving the country", because Hong Kong and Shenzhen as a line apart. Such a close distance, so that many parents need to feel more at ease in the country than to go abroad.

2. Relatively cheap study costs

Compared to the average cost of completing a university degree for non-local students in many major countries and regions of the world, including tuition fees and living expenses. Fees in Hong Kong are relatively cheaper compared to mainstream countries such as the UK, US and Australia. When compared to other European countries, the cost of studying in Hong Kong is much lower than in places like the UK and the Netherlands, and only slightly higher than in countries that offer free or very low tuition fees, such as Germany and France. At the same time, there are many scholarship programs in Hong Kong, which reduces the cost of studying to a certain extent. From this calculation, the cost is generally acceptable to working families.

3. Cultural Integration

Hong Kong is the crossroads of Chinese and Western cultures. While developing rapidly, it has retained its traditional culture, skillfully harmonizing with the customs inherited from the West, with monuments and museums among the skyscrapers. In Hong Kong, students can experience deep-rooted traditions as well as the influence of Western culture and values. Adapting to life in Hong Kong is not difficult and they can broaden their horizons through different experiences.

Quality in Study Abroad

1. Diversified quality of international education

In the modern society, only the management of talents with international vision and touch can talk about the real international accounting talents, and Hong Kong precisely provides such a platform for us to internationalize our education. As we all know, Hong Kong is the world's economic and financial services center, shipping center, logistics information center, the traditional culture of Chinese and Western blend, with any mainland cities can not be compared to the advantages of internationalization.

2. High quality of education

In this year's QS World Economic Rankings, the People's University of Hong Kong 25th, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ranked 32nd, the Chinese University of Hong Kong 46th, the Hong Kong Development City University of Transportation 52nd, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University 91st, and other countries can be compared to other prestigious schools. Moreover, Hong Kong's universities have very close cooperation with top universities in the world and other countries, and more than 80% of their professors graduated from the world's top universities. 90% of the subjects are taught in English.

3. English Context

Many well-known Hong Kong celebrities may not speak Chinese very well, but can speak fluent standard English, which is the overall English atmosphere in Hong Kong. All tertiary institutions in Hong Kong use pure English for teaching, most of the textbooks are in English, and libraries also have a large number of original English literature. Therefore, studying in Hong Kong is no worse than studying in the United Kingdom or the United States in terms of language environment.

4. Rigorous and Lively Educational Philosophy

Hong Kong's education philosophy is permeated by the concept of "education", which focuses on students' skills, not just results. He said that studying in Hong Kong, you can clearly see the differences in teaching methods in the Mainland. . Learning in Hong Kong schools is more interesting. Some students are interested in community affairs, some in a sea of books. Fixed assignments and interest classes do not conflict with each other, and students will value their time more and learn to distribute it evenly.

Prospects after Studying in Hong Kong

1.Visa after graduation

There is a favorable policy for students studying in Hong Kong: non-local graduates can apply to stay in Hong Kong for 12 months. Graduates can use this period of study to find a job in Hong Kong that suits their needs and plan for their next steps. Students who wish to stay in Hong Kong generally have the following three options: to stay in Hong Kong for further education, to stay in Hong Kong schools to teach, or to work in Hong Kong.

2. Graduation and Employment

Top academic standards give Hong Kong graduates an edge in employment. Many multinational companies have offices in Hong Kong, where there are opportunities to participate in recruitment activities of these top companies. Many students plan to work for a large company in Hong Kong for three years after graduation and then apply for an MBA at a prestigious overseas university. after all, it is very easy to apply for an MBA at a prestigious university with the experience gained from working for a large company in Hong Kong. also, the salaries in Hong Kong are much higher than those in the Mainland, which is also very attractive.

Many graduates also return to the mainland to work. They have grown up under the advanced education concepts of Hong Kong schools. In addition to solid professional foundation and practical experience, they have developed excellent team spirit and communication skills.

3. The easiest way to obtain Hong Kong status

Meanwhile, Hong Kong's policy stipulates that after seven years of residence in Hong Kong, one can obtain the permanent right of abode in Hong Kong, and after obtaining the permanent residence permit, almost all countries other than the United States can enter Hong Kong visa-free. Students studying in Hong Kong can work for three years after four years.

Hong Kong is a place of challenges and opportunities. Those who study here will feel that all their efforts will be clear, and that the opportunities and achievements gained through their hard work will be rewarded. Taken together, Hong Kong's top-notch education resources, abundant employment resources, and relatively low cost of living make it an excellent choice for study.

Early planning and preparation is essential in order to go to a prestigious university. Universities in the UK and Hong Kong are on a "first come, first served" basis. If you apply in advance, as long as your conditions meet the admission criteria of the other university, you will be admitted, while late students, even if the conditions meet the criteria, may be rejected because of insufficient positions.

Need to remind us all is to go to Hong Kong to study is not in order to a very easy thing, the relevant application conditions and visa procedures are also more with strict, so study friends must do their own adequate preparation work oh.

Elite schools in Hong Kong is not only the ideal way for mainland students to study, but also an important opportunity to change their lives. Hong Kong Honor Education has created a whole process service system for mainland students to study in Hong Kong elite schools.

We have a team of renowned teachers in Hong Kong to ensure the standard of teaching and learning so that students can receive authentic Hong Kong-style secondary education, study the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) program, and apply for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examinations in the Mainland. Passing the HK DSE exam makes it easier to enter one of the top universities in Hong Kong and receive world-class higher education.

4. Hong Kong DSE Exam

The Hong Kong DSE examination is the most suitable international examination for mainland students. Mainland students applying for the HK DSE exam can start studying the HK DSE program from junior high school at the earliest, and apply for Hong Kong universities which are less difficult and have a higher success rate.

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