The function and working principle of vacuum cleaner


Vacuum cleaner, as one of the indispensable household appliance companies in the life of modern Chinese society, provides us can provide a more convenient and efficient way to maintain the cleanliness of the home education environment. After busy working hours, many people may not have the energy to develop to analyze the traditional cleaning work because they do not have the energy to do so, and this is when the vacuum cleaner becomes a powerful tool for students to solve these problems. Not only does it ease the burden of our chores, but it also helps with the need to be able to quickly clean up the dust and debris in our homes.cordless vacuum cleaner supplier If you don't know enough about vacuum cleaners to get a full in-depth understanding, here is a detailed design that explores its functions and the basic principles of its work.

What are the functions of a vacuum cleaner?

1. Vacuum Compression Storage: As the seasons change, many families need to collect bulky items such as quilts. These items often take up a lot of storage space and are susceptible to moisture and mold. With vacuum, we can put them in a plastic self-sealing bag, vacuum bag the air, and then seal the bag. This not only saves storage space, but also protects the items from moisture.

2. Find small objects:In our daily life,zek vacuum we often accidentally lose some small objects, such as buttons, pills, bottle corks, sewing needles and so on. For the elderly with poor eyesight, it is even more difficult to find these small objects. With a vacuum cleaner, these small objects can be easily found.

What is the basic principle of vacuum cleaner operation analyzed?

The working principle of vacuum cleaner is that through the high-speed rotation of the motor, air is sucked in from the air inlet to form a certain vacuum state inside the dust box. Dust passes through the dust cup, connector, handle, hose and main suction tube into the filter bag inside the dust box and is trapped inside the bag. The filtered air enters the motor through a layer of filters which protect the motor from dust. As the carbon brushes wear out while the motor is running, an additional filter is applied before discharging the vacuum.

To improve air permeability, filtration systems are often designed to be wavy to increase surface area. Some of these filtration systems can be cleaned and used repeatedly. However, all filtration systems have a useful life and the micropores may become clogged with fine dust particles after prolonged use. Therefore,wireless handheld vacuum cleaner for car paper dust boxes are an ideal alternative and can be discarded after use, which is both hygienic and convenient. After cleaning the cloth dust filter box, the fibers may clump together, thus affecting the filtration effect and air permeability.SMS 3-layer composite filtration system is washable, but its air permeability is slightly lower.

The most core function of the vacuum cleaner is designed to help students us to carry out the cleaning of the home, sucking out the dust and making the home look cleaner and more comfortable. At present, the use of vacuum cleaners is also very high, the market sales are particularly large, many Chinese families need it. In addition, vacuum cleaners are also needed inside some corporate factories, where their role in research is particularly important and significant, helping them to remove dust and provide a better working and living environment.

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