Who says you have to use detergent to wash dishes? Try these methods to wash dishes clean without hurting your hands


We eat every day, so naturally we need to wash dishes every day. Many people hate washing dishes. Some people are too lazy to wash dishes after a few days of eating. This is actually not true. Bowls soaked in water for a long time will harbor a lot of bacteria,eco sponge which is not good for your health. Teach you a little trick to wash dishes. It can be so simple and fast without detergent. Too practical!

We cook at home and must wash dishes every day. But the fact is that using detergent is very unhealthy, and cleaning is not very easy with residue. In fact, it is very simple to clean the oil at home, and some things can also be cleaned quickly, here are some tips to teach you to wash dishes.

1. Salt dishwashing

Salt often plays a role in cooking and improving the taste in our daily life,metal sponge for dishes but you may not know that it has a very good ability to remove dirt. When washing dishes, if some stubborn dry stains are hard to clean, you can use salt to clean them.

Salt's can rub some of these ideas stubborn as well as stains off or wash and treat them clean by utilizing its granularity and friction. For example, after you drink cereal after the stubborn stains, with the hand rubbing can not clean the case we can realize directly with salt Oh! Really both clean and hygienic!

2. Flour dishwashing

I do not know if you have flour at home, flour is not just for eating,natural loofah sponge wholesale in fact, it can also be used to wash dishes. You've heard it right, flour has a strong ability to remove dirt and absorb grease and grime.

We can just need to wash their own dishes, to the water by adding a spoonful or so of flour into it, and then stir for a major used to wash dishes is very convenient, just a simple scrub, dishes above the grease will be cleaned by the data clean, grease problems can not be all floating in the water, is not it very practical? Smart people are using it to wash dishes.

3. Lemon deodorization

Add a little lemon to the dishwashing water, you can make the dishes naturally fragrant, you can remove the fishy odor after loading the plate, wipe away the grease stains on the dishes. When the dish is not particularly greasy, you can use this method to try, with this method only need to wash the dish half of the detergent water, and does not produce pollutants.

4. Fruit Peel

In fact, there are a lot of nutrients in the fruit skin, but people do not love to eat, it is difficult to digest. It can be used to wash dishes and help remove grease stains. Fruit peel itself has obvious fruit flavor, wash the bowl with water peel will also have a fragrance, healthy and does not hurt the hands.

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