What are the requirements for an applicant to obtain a Hong Kong work visa

social work visa

Hong Kong is known for its clean government, good law and order, free economic system and sound rule of law. Hong Kong is a world-class city, one of the safest, wealthiest and most prosperous regions in the world, an important financial and shipping center, one of the most competitive cities in the international and Asia-Pacific regions, the "Pearl of the Orient", "Gourmet Paradise", "Shopping paradise" reputation. The following is a small... I would like to know more about the requirements for applicants to apply for a work visa in Hong Kong. Come and have a look with China Travel Service. com Bianshao.

Applicants for Hong Kong social work visa, there are very important points of development requirements:

1. The applicant is a Chinese resident who is not a Hong Kong graduate; and

2. The applicant possesses professional skills that are needed and lacking in Hong Kong at the same time;

3. the applicant has no serious known criminal record.

4. the applicant has a good educational background.

Hong Kong listed companies also need companies to fulfill several requirements:

1. the Hong Kong company does have job vacancies suitable for the applicant.

2. or the Hong Kong company does employ the applicant in a position relevant to his/her qualifications or work experience;

3. the remuneration package of the Hong Kong company must be in line with that of professionals in the local market.

There is no restriction on the scope and quota of work visa applications to work in Hong Kong. In other words,working visa hong kong talents and professionals in any field who meet the requirements of Hong Kong employers and the lack of talents in Hong Kong, such as business elites, financial street talents or sports professionals, can apply at the same time in order to consolidate Hong Kong's status as Asia's world city.

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