Top reasons why computer shutdown is slow

Vidia graphics card

Before shutting down the system will go through a series of actions such as logging off, saving user settings, etc., which will take some time and cause the computer to shut down slowly. In fact, many times it is caused by the user profile not being released in time.convert word to pdf online free without losing formatting The following editor will tell you why the system shutdown becomes slow.

First, the system itself

Computer certain hardware facilities equipment driver design installation is incomplete or there are some problems. The solution to these problems is to check the computer technology device manager, to see if they have driver development problems of hardware devices, if so please reinstall as well as the relevant driver.

Second, the background running software reasons

When the machine is turned off, some background running software is running. It takes time for the system to complete the process of these programs. In addition, when the background to complete a program may be an error, is the system process into the loop, and the system default forced to end the cycle of time is too long will lead to the system shutdown time is too long.merge 2 jpg files into 1 pdf The solution is to open Task Manager on shutdown to see what non-system programs are running and force an end to their processes. You can also use auxiliary software such as SUPER RABBIT to speed up system shutdown.

Third, clear the paging file

WindowsXP needs to clear the temporary data paging file when shutting down. If you don't want WindowsXP to perform this step at shutdown, set the value of LearPageFileAtShutdown to 0 in the "HKEY Management Registry". shutdown is much faster. Also, see if there are any unnecessary services that WindowsXP needs to shut down each time it shuts down. Reducing unnecessary services will also reduce Windows shutdown time.

Fourth, Vidia graphics card

Very often, this phenomenon is caused by a service called "NVIDIA Driver Helper Service".pdf editor free We generally do not need this service, and will take up a lot of system resources. Close the method is to open the Control Panel ¡ú Administrative Tools ¡ú Services, in the pop-up window to find and right-click on the NVIDIA Driver Helper service, select Properties, in the Enable drop-down list box, select Disable.

Fifth, call dll too much

Browser in the use of the situation after we tend to have different parts of the DLL file in memory cache for a long period of time, a considerable portion of the memory data will be used by their own DLL files do not use the point. In order to be able to prevent the occurrence of such processing things did not happen, find the registry as follows important location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer next through the establishment of the provision of a business called AlwaysUnloadDLL, the value of 1 double-byte value. If students want to achieve remove research this technique optimization, simply set the value of this key to 0.

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