Wps always default open pdf file solution tutorial

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As an office software, wps software is loved by many users, because this office software is not only free, and there are many practical functions. But when users use pdf documents, will find that in wps software to open pdf files can not directly copy the text,online pdf conversion free so the user will choose other software to open, but found that every time you restart the computer, open the pdf file, the system will be opened by default. This makes many users are very distressed, do not know how to solve. In fact, this problem is very good solution. Users will be in the wps software to open the configuration tools window, and then in the compatibility settings tab to uncheck the open pdf document file to solve the problem. Then let the side of the Xiao to share the specific methods and steps to solve this problem. Hope that users can gain.

Method Steps

1. users in the lower left corner of the computer desktop click on the start icon,convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online will pop up the start tab, the user clicks on the drop-down arrow wps office file options

2. the relevant tab will be expanded, the user will select the Configuration Tools option

3. At this point, business users can enter the wpsoffice integrated resource configuration/repair technology tools window, the user needs to press the advanced management of which the button

4. and then enter the wps office configuration tool window,convert word to pdf without losing formatting users can directly in the compatibility settings tab to check the pdf document option, press the OK button.

5. Finally, the user to open the wps software again, the default will not open the pdf document file.

The above is a small group of users to raise the issue of organizing steps, the user by clicking on the start to know the general procedure - wps office configuration tools - advanced compatibility settings - uncheck PDF documents - to ensure that these steps are easy to understand, therefore, interested users can follow this small group of steps together will be able to solve this problem.

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