Computer Lindbergh Look Here - Basic Computer Use and Common Operations

Common Computer Vocabulary

Common Computer Vocabulary

1, Operating System

Operating System (OS) is a computer application that manages the resources of computer hardware and software companies.convert word to pdf with embedded excel files Operating information system development requires us to deal with such as management and configuration of memory, determine the social system to achieve the priority of resource supply and demand, control input devices and output devices, operating networks and management of the work of the file system and other basic public affairs.

2, desktop

Desktop (Desktop), refers to open the computer and successfully logged in after the information system analysis can see the main screen area of the monitor, is a computer network term.

Desktop is broadly defined to include the taskbar and desktop icons.jpg to pdf converter and combine The sidebar contains small programs called widgets, and the Start button provides access to programs, folders, and computer settings.

Desktop files are usually stored in the "Desktop" folder on drive C and under the user name.

3. Start Menu

The Start menu is an important part of the operating system and can be called the central control area of the operating system. By default, the Start button is located in the lower left corner of the screen, and the Start button is the Windows logo.The design of the Start menu in Windows 95 was very popular. Then the Start button and menu logo became an advertisement for Microsoft products, and "Click here to start" became the slogan of Microsoft.

Computer shutdowns and shutdowns

1. Cold shutdown-illegal shutdown

When the computer is running, press the power button directly, i.e. to force a shutdown. The method is to press the onu002Foff button, keep 5s not to release.

Notebooks are generally in the upper right corner. Desktop according to the chassis to carry out different geographic location as well as different, general business are on the right or in the middle.

Generally in the computer malfunction card dead use, will cause some damage to the computer.word to pdf converter online free i love pdf Do not use the cold cutter in non-special circumstances!

1)Unsaved data will be lost;

2)The system self-test process is forced to stop, in the long run, the system files and settings will be disorganized; and

3) The motherboard and boot system will be easily damaged, and in serious cases, the computer components will be burned.

2. Thermal shutdown - normal shutdown

That is, according to the national standard shutdown procedure can be step by step.

1)Click the Start button in the lower left corner to shut down;.

2) Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to start the task manager to close.

Make sure you save the task before closing.

Learning Task 1: Normal thermal shutdown once

3. the basic system settings

1、 Resolution Settings

1) Right-click the desktop;

2) Click Display Settings;

(3) in the open settings for the panel to find a resolution

Task 2: Adjust the screen resolution, and then adjust back!

2、 Wallpaper replacement

1) Right-click the desktop, and then click Personalize to set.

2) Right-click the picture, select Settings in the menu as the desktop background.

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