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windowWhen editing documents in Word, you sometimes encounter documents that are tens or even hundreds of pages long. In previous versions of Word, navigating through such long documents to view specific content was cumbersome,word to pdf converter free download offline and you had to keep your eyes on the screen and keep scrolling the mouse wheel. Here are some tips on how to use the "Navigation Window" in Office Word 2010 for your reference!

Or drag the vertical scroll bar on the editing window to find it, locate it with keywords or use the page keys on the keyboard to find it, which is inconvenient and inaccurate, and sometimes it will waste a lot of time to find the specific content of the document. With the arrival of Word2010, all this will be changed. Word2010 in the new "navigation pane" will help you navigate accurately.

Open the Navigation Pane

run word 2010, open a long document, click on the menu bar of the "View *" button, switch to the "View *" ribbon, select the "Display" column in the "Navigation Pane".pdf split and merge download online "Navigation Panel", open the word 2010 editing window on the left side of the navigation panel

document easy "navigation"

Word2010 new document navigation features four navigation modes: title navigation, page navigation, keywords (words) navigation and specific object navigation, so you can easily find and locate the paragraphs you want to consult or a specific object.

1, document title navigation

document information title navigation is the simplest way to develop navigation, the use of management methods is also the simplest, open the "Navigation" pane, click "Browse your documents in the title of the" button, the document navigation service to switch to "document title navigation", Word2010 will be the enterprise document data for artificial intelligence technology to analyze, and these document titles in the "navigation" pane listed,convert word to pdf with embedded excel files as long as we click on the title, it will realize the automatic control of positioning to the relevant content paragraphs.

Tip: document title navigation is a prerequisite to open the long document must be set up in advance title. If you do not set the title, you can not use the document title navigation, if the document is pre-set multiple levels of the title, the navigation will be better and more accurate.

2, document page navigation

Edit the document with Word will automatically page, document page navigation based on the default Word document paging. Click the navigation pane on the "Browse pages in the document" button, the document navigation mode to switch to the "document page navigation", Word2010 will be in the navigation pane in the form of abbreviations * list of document pagination. You can click on the page number abbreviation * to find the relevant page for reference.

3, keywords (words) navigation

In addition to browsing the document title and page, word 2010 can also be in the navigation pane by clicking the Browse Current Search Results button, and then in the text box, type A keyword, and in the navigation pane lists the keyword contains the navigation links to browse the keyword. Click these navigation links to quickly navigate to the relevant location of the document.

4, specific object navigation

complete document usually contains * shapes, tables, formulas, notes and other objects, word 2010 navigation feature can quickly find these specific objects in the document. You can click on the search box to the right of the magnifying glass behind the "attitude" and in the "Find" column to select the relevant options to quickly find * shapes, tables, formulas and notes

Word2010 provides four ways to develop navigation methods have advantages and disadvantages, the title of the navigation is very practical, but we must be set up beforehand through the document at all levels of the title in order to be effective; page navigation is very convenient, but the accuracy is not high, can only be located to the relevant information page, to find the content of a particular job is still mainly inconvenient; keywords (words) navigation and a specific study of the object of the navigation system can be more Accurate, but if the same keywords (words) in the enterprise documents, or the same object exists a lot, we must constantly "secondary search". If students can be based on their own real-life needs, will be able to combine several navigation services to learn to use, the navigation effect will be better.

Although word 2010's new document navigation features are not perfect, but it does make browsing long documents become easier, word 2010 allows you to accurately and quickly navigate specific paragraphs, pages, text and objects.

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