Intelligent mini laser engraving machine, make life full of fun everywhere

Intelligent mini laser engraving machine, make life full of fun everywhere

When it comes to laser engraving, the first thing that comes to mind must be the large machines in factories with complicated operations. Even if someone can engrave at home, it is a professional machine with a high price, and we ordinary people want to use laser engraving to DIY some interesting patterns. It seems that the threshold is quite high.

However, for now has appeared a named laserpecker portable mini laser engraving machine, can get to meet your DIY wishes, and students at home can develop to carry out, very has the convenience of simple operation. The use of laserpecker do not need to master the relevant professional knowledge assembly language instructions, and will not take up more space on the desktop, laserpecker's compact and lightweight, suitable for China's private crafts studio, this a magical little cube, able to bring our imagination to the extreme. Whether as food, wood, plastic mainly or the existence of a variety of different materials, handheld laser engraver & laser cuttercan become very easy to manage simple to our country need the pattern is through the study of laser engraving printed on it.

Laserpecker is a smart product that does all the work through a smartphone app. In the application of Laserpecker we first select a specific pattern or enter the text, then place the object we want to engrave in front of the Laserpecker, adjust the position and press the start button on the application and everything will be done automatically.

laserpecker 11 pro you can design the vector graphic you need and then run this file through the app to engrave the image on the specified target through laserpecker.

The amazing thing about laserpecker is that it offers a preview. In preview mode, laserpecker uses a weak laser to lightly etch the pattern onto the target. So we can easily adjust the position and size of the angle, and once the final decision is made, the normal engraving mode can be turned on.

The laserpecker also provides a Batch function for our professional design studio development, which allows us to switch to the next pattern by repeat engraving or automatic control, so that students can more easily analyze high-volume engraving work tasks for their businesses. Of course, any laser is dangerous to human activity, laserpecker is no exception, so laserpecker also specializes in research to provide a number of specialized protection management measures.

Each set of laserpecker are provided with specialized goggles can protect the problem of our eyesight, but also equipped with a combination lock, to prevent other children or friends who have not operated as well as misuse may hurt the students themselves. In addition laserpecker's laser is activated after learning, there will be a special LED light for work instructions. laserpecker built-in three-axis accelerometer, in the operation and management process of the enterprise if the laserpecker appeared to accidentally happen to move, then the laserpecker will find that immediately begin to shut down, to prevent the failure of China's engraving technology or cause serious damage.

Finally, laserpecker also provides overheating protection. Although the laserpecker dissipates heat well, it will automatically shut down if the internal temperature approaches the temperature threshold. So many safety measures can ensure that users will not be in danger when using laserpecker for laser engraving.

With laserpecker, we can utilize our artistic creativity to make our lives more interesting by using our imagination for tableware, food, stencils, bracelets, purses, and even lamps.

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