What are the advantages of a cryogenic probe table? How is its stability?

What are the advantages of a cryogenic probe table? How is its stability?

Now more and more companies are beginning to vigorously carry out product research and development, because now the market is changing rapidly, and companies can only ensure that their products can have an advantage in the market, in order to avoid being eliminated by the market. With the continuous development of probe table technology, there are now a wide variety of probe station.

1. To meet the needs of enterprises in a variety of different temperatures (very low temperature)

When wafers are tested in cold air, moisture in the air can condense on the wafers, leading to test failures because the leakage is too large or the probes cannot reach the electrodes. Avoid these water vapors that need to be evacuated into the pump before the test probe pump and keep the pump running throughout the test.

Oxidation becomes more and more apparent as the wafer is heated to 300°C, 400°C, 500°C or even higher, with higher temperatures resulting in more severe oxidation. Excessive oxidation will lead to electrical errors, physical and mechanical deformation of the wafer. To avoid these, it is necessary to pump the oxygen out of the vacuum chamber before testing and keep the pump running throughout the test.

During wafer testing, the temperature varies between low and high temperatures. Due to the expansion and contraction phenomena of the probe, relative displacements between the probe and the electrodes occur. We can also selectively adjust the position of the probe using an automatic needle holder controlled by a joystick.

2. Small size and high stability

Compared with the traditional probe stage, the high and low temperature vacuum probe stage has higher stability. Through the use of advanced technology, the probe table in the working process has a higher fluency and stability, thus ensuring the stability of the experimental data, so that the experimental results will be more accurate, which is very helpful for the rapid development of new products.

3. Lower cost, micromanipulator compatible with the use of traditional DC and RF system testing

Compared with the traditional probe table, this probe table adopts advanced synthetic materials, the cost is lower than the traditional probe table, but the function and precision are more powerful, so the sales are very good and normal.

In summary, the main reason for the hot sales of high and low temperature vacuum probe table is its affordable price, a benefit that many companies can see. However, it can not be because of the low price to keep sales high. It is because the probe table is more powerful and can meet the various needs of enterprises.

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