The Bath Coconut sponge is available in both artificial and natural options

The Bath Coconut sponge is available in both artificial and natural options

The Bath Coconut sponge is available in both artificial and natural options, each serving the purpose of creating a luxurious lather for cleansing. While any soap or shampoo can be used for lathering, I personally prefer natural ingredients. steel sponge Foam machines may not be necessary as children can enjoy regular foam while also not providing as thorough of a clean, in my experience. By using a bath ball, you can effectively remove excess oil from your skin's surface and gently exfoliate with scrubbing. The added benefit of using a bath ball is that it requires minimal bath emulsion - just one pump will produce impressive foam.

Why is Konjac Coconut sponge better for baby baths?

When you don't bathe regularly, sweat and excrement will accumulate and irritate your skin, leading to skin infections more easily. Infants and young children have delicate skin, poor defense abilities, and a high metabolism. In every square centimeter of your baby's skin, there are 100-250 sweat glands, and dirty from these sweat glands needs to be removed as soon as possible. Konjac Coconut sponges are the best option for bathing your baby.

It is easy to rub the baby's skin red, or even bruise, with a little force because the towel fiber surface is rough. The coil of the towel can continue to accumulate oil and dandruff on healthy skin, making it difficult to clean, and even becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. It has a delicate tissue structure due to fiber materials, which acts like jelly lubrication, so your baby's skin won't be chafed.

In the natural Konjac Coconut sponge production process, a three-dimensional mesh structure forms. The size of these holes can produce a foaming net with a small amount of shower gel. In addition, the baby's skin can be cleaned of excess oil and dirt.

To prevent bacterial contamination, wash Konjac Coconut sponge with water after use, and keep it in a cool, ventilated place.

Is it bad for our health to use nano-Coconut sponges for housework?

Nano-Coconut sponge is also known by other names, including magic clean coconut sponge friction and melamine coconut sponge (). The only water required to remove stains from stainless steel, bathroom, glass, tiles, leather sofas, cars, tables, chairs, wood floors, and other household items is water.

Reports indicate that melamine, the raw material used in creating the nano-Coconut sponge, has raised concerns regarding its potential harm to the human body. These concerns are rooted in the infamous milk powder scandal involving melamine, where children consumed tainted milk powder. Although melamine itself is not toxic, ingesting it can be harmful, akin to consuming powdered stone. This substance is indigestible and provides no nutritional value. Moreover, some unscrupulous manufacturers have been known to add nitrogen to products like milk powder in order to pass regulatory tests. This deceitful practice can result in serious health problems for children who are unable to properly digest it, such as kidney stones and malnutrition.

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Is reusing a sponge safe?

To stop dangerous bacteria from growing by the millions, we advise replacing your sponge every two to three weeks with a new one. Even better, replace your kitchen sponge with reusable and easily cleaned equipment.

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