The benefits of self-massage,Self-massage is much more than skin care

The benefits of self-massage,Self-massage is much more than skin care

Self-massage is much more than skin care. Massaging your body with your favorite body cream, outcall massage lotion, or oil a few times a week will help relieve stress, relax the body and mind, and give us the strength to feel and appreciate our unique and beautiful bodies.

What are the benefits of self-massage?

At a time when the world is changing rapidly, our country should respond calmly. Think about the last time you had a massage. Your strained spirit can get a release, and even your energy may not be rising as a result.

Have you ever heard of self-massage? It will give you an "all the time" massage. hong kong erotic massage You will feel the power of self-appreciation and begin the journey of self-love.

So why does the power of massage make us feel so good? In fact, when you touch your skin, you release natural oxytocin, the love hormone. Self-massage also helps boost our dopamine and serotonin levels, which means it boosts our happy-feeling hormones. It helps to lower our levels of the natural stress hormone cortisol, and our heart rate and blood pressure can also remain normal indicators.

How to Self-massage

Many of us enjoy the physical and mental relaxation of massage: it is a time to indulge ourselves. However, if we incorporate self-massage into our daily skincare routine, then our self-love journey has taken a big step forward.

Try choosing your favorite oil or a moisturizer you've never tried before. Choose a body moisturizer that is extremely moisturizing, relaxing, or refreshing. You can massage back and forth on the arms and legs, and you can even massage in circular motions on the earlobes. You know what? You know what? Gently massage your earlobes to help stimulate the release of pleasurable polyphenol hormones.

You can also try to massage pain areas by focusing on them, for example, when your neck feels tight on its own, you can get relaxed shoulders and a straight back. Gently massage the tight area in a circular motion with your fingers, then repeat in the opposite direction for a few minutes. Even if we simply massage our feet, it can effectively reduce the stress of work and give you a full energy.

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