Quartz countertops are the most scratch-resistant? Cleaning, maintenance, shopping focus all at once


The kitchen countertop is an important place for the development of pre-cooking preparation, whether cutting vegetables, preparing materials are carried out here, and quartz stone has the characteristics of scratch resistance and dirt resistance, which has been the heart of many cooking women, not only more convenient to clean after cooking, but also more comfortable to eat healthy.carrara quartz As for the quartz stone table has its own purchase and maintenance of eyebrow Angle, take a look at it

First, understanding quartz stone countertops

Quartz stone countertops are made of natural quartz crystals, resins and trace pigments under high temperature and pressure. stone benchtop colours Natural texture, rich color. Its surface is smooth and non-porous, water absorption rate is less than 0.05%, not easy to permeate water and stains, quartz stone hardness is as high as 7, at least three grades higher than artificial stone, so it is not afraid of being scratched by sharp tools, melting point is higher than 1600 degrees Celsius, heat resistance is extremely high, normal use, not easy to soften, deformation and other phenomena. Quartz stone mesa can be said to be a combination of function and beauty, but its disadvantage is that the production process costs are high and the price is not high.

Second, the style of quartz stone countertop

Hard quartz stone is not easy to make a special shape, can not be used for heating bending and seamless connection. quartz vanity top However, it is manufactured by hand, so there are many styles to choose from and various finishes can be made, such as corrugated, leather and ceramic surfaces.

Bright surface: The surface is not processed, showing a bright and smooth touch, and is available in a variety of colors.

Leather grain surface: The surface is treated to produce a texture similar to leather, and the touch is unlikely to have the cold feeling of ordinary stone.

Pottery surface: the surface texture with concave and convex appearance is close to natural stone, which can show a large area of texture when used in a large area.

Quartz stone mesa selection

There are mainly a wide range of quartz stone products on the market, the general enterprise will be transparent and hardness, as a reference for quality, but it is difficult to do different from the naked eye, should avoid buying unknown quartz stone products, and to identify the guarantee, in order to effectively avoid buying inferior products. In addition, although the area and thickness will affect the price difference of quartz stone countertops, we should not choose thinner quartz stone countertops for cheap, because too thin is prone to fragmentation, it is recommended to choose 1.5 or 2 cm thickness is better.

Quartz table top cleaning and maintenance tips

Cleanliness: Quartz countertops are dirty, but not sloppy when cleaning. When there is a stain on the table, wipe it back and forth with a wet rag dipped in detergent, do not use hydrochloric acid, bleach and other strong acid cleaners. After cleaning, you can dry with a rag to avoid water marks, and avoid placing the same item in one place for a long time, otherwise it will produce obvious color difference.

Maintenance: In addition to the usual cleaning, you can also regularly wax maintenance, extend the service life. After cleaning the table, apply the car wax or furniture wax to the table and wipe it gently with a cloth.

Maintenance: Although the hardness of quartz stone is extremely high, when heavy objects or sharp objects directly impact the table, or high temperature objects are directly placed on the quartz stone, there will be damage, so be careful when using to avoid this situation.

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