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MECCANIXITY Presents Its Premium PVC Heat Shrink Tubing for Battery Wraps - 42mm Diameter, 66mm Flat, 6m Length, Black Color, Offering Superior Insulation for Battery Packs

Price: $14.99

PVC heat shrink tubing serves as a protective layer for larger batteries and battery packs, including AA and AAA configurations.

This tubing can also be employed to safeguard electronic components, LED pins, and other delicate parts.

Additionally, it provides a practical and efficient solution for DIY enthusiasts when customizing various handheld tools for daily use.

The specifications of this PVC heat shrink wrap tube are as follows: it boasts a flat width of 66mm (2.6 inches), a diameter of 42mm (1.65 inches) prior to shrinking, and a total length of 6 meters.

It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +105°C (-40°F to +221°F), making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

MECCANIXITY Presents Its Premium PVC Heat Shrink Tubing for Battery Wraps - 95mm Diameter, 150mm Flat, 10 Feet Length, Light Green Color, Offering Exceptional Insulation for Battery Packs

Price: $16.49

The PVC heat shrink wrap tube serves as a protective covering for larger batteries and battery packs, encompassing models like 18650, 21700, AA, and AAA.

Beyond batteries, it also offers safeguard to electronic components and LED pins.

Additionally, this PVC heat shrinkable tube lends itself to DIY projects involving various handheld tools, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

The specifications of the PVC heat shrink wrap tube are as follows: a diameter of 95mm, a flat width of 150mm (equivalent to 6 inches), and an overall length of 10 Feet.

Its temperature tolerance ranges from -40°C to +105°C (-40°F to +221°F), with a maximum operational temperature of 80°C (176°F).

Battery Fuse Distribution Module - Suitable for Chevy Silverado (2014-2016), GMC Sierra, Cadillac Escalade (2015-2020), GMC Yukon, and Other Comparable Models

Price: $45.59

Composition: Battery fuse box casings can consist of plastic and metallic materials, exhibiting excellent durability and resilience against deformation.

These fuse boxes are equipped with covers or enclosures to safeguard against dust infiltration, moisture exposure, and inadvertent physical contact, thereby enhancing the overall durability of the product.

Purpose: Through the centralized distribution of electrical power and the integration of fuses or circuit breakers, the battery fuse box serves to safeguard the wiring and components from potential harm.

This approach not only streamlines the process of troubleshooting but also simplifies maintenance efforts.

Electrical Safety: A battery distribution fuse block is capable of

The SCOPOW 2Packs E12 rechargeable light bulbs feature a remote control timer and present three distinct color temperature settings, making them a convenient and versatile battery-operated lighting solution.

Price: $24.99
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Introducing the Revolutionary Rechargeable Light Bulb: a comprehensive lighting alternative tailored to cater to your diverse requirements.

This innovative bulb doubles up as a battery-powered light source and a remotely operable puck light, offering unparalleled versatility.

With a bulb diameter of 60mm, it provides the equivalent brightness of a 40W bulb, emitting a powerful 350 lumens.

Equipped with remote control functionality, you can easily adjust the lighting settings to your preference.

Additionally, its detachable charging feature ensures convenience and ease of use.

What's more, its IP44 waterproof rating makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

In case you misplace the remote, simply press the power switch to manually operate the light bulb.

Compatible with an E26 socket (Search "B0CP8RCKQM" for E12 adapter options), this rechargeable bulb offers seamless integration into your existing lighting system.

Offering a range of 3 color temperatures, from a warm 3000K to a cool 6500K, this bulb ensures a seamless transition in lighting, eliminating any noticeable color differences.

Whether you're looking to create a cozy atmosphere or a bright and vibrant space, this rechargeable light bulb is the perfect solution for your lighting needs.

The Lippert Components 366510 is a Battery Tray Strap that serves as a crucial component for maintaining the stability and security of battery trays.

Price: $42.48

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