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Replacement Neewer Photo Studio Ring Light with a 15V Power Adapter UL listed Neewer 14- and 18-inch ring light power cords

Price: $28.99

Substitute Neewer Ring Light AC Power Supply Neewer 14- and 18-inch ring lights are compatible with Power Characteristics: worldwide range of input voltage: 50/60Hz, 100-240V; output: 15V, 5A, 75W; For indoor use, the Neewer ring light power supply's 8.5FT incredibly long power cord is plenty.

Tail cards with no strain for improved usability and resistance to flexing.

The fastest charging speed is provided by the unique charging technology that we employ in our products.

There will be steady power for your Neewer Ring Light.

Long-term durability is ensured by high-quality components and durable materials, even when subjected to drops, bumps, and scratches.

RELIABILITY & SAFETY: Every charger goes through multiple tests to guarantee safety and keep harmful objects at bay.

We promise that the original power supply and this Neewer Ring Light power cord will both charge your device equally well.

Additionally, this Neewer Ring Light Power Supply replacement is CE, FCC, RoHS certified and features protection against overvoltage, overload, overcurrent, and short circuit.

One (1) Neewer Ring Light Power Adapter replacement is what you get.

Thirty days for money back guarantee and a year for worry-free warranty.

Kids' Star Night Light by Toyunia Starry Bedroom Night Light for Girls and Kids Plug-in night light for kids with timer and starry night light projector (1 pack, 3000K) Warm White (3000K, White)

Price: $23.80

For kids, 【Star Projector Night Light】The kids star light wall projector is an ideal ornamental light for room décor, particularly for the bedrooms of boys and girls.

Due to its gentle light, this adorable night light cool light gives your kids a fantastic star light impression for their bedrooms.

It is also a great choice for baby night lights in nurseries.

Saves 3W of energy just for the user.

【Dark Light for Children's and Girls' Bedroom】Integrated with a kids revolving night light for the bedroom, Soft White 3000K LEDs.

The best effects are produced by an LED star projector with a star effect, a star wall light, a star ceiling night light, and girls' night light room illumination.

Included is a rocket switch for convenient operation and a 60-inch lead cable with a plug.

Furthermore include a 30-minute timer option for the baby light and a night light for the kids to make sure the light doesn't stay on all night.

Projector for Kids with Starry Night Lights:Optimal Results A room table corner is the best place for the star light projector.

Very soft and adorable, these night lights for kids and babies can be used as projectors for starry night vision, room décor lights, and bedroom star lights.

For a ceiling or wall light, create a star appearance.

lighting in children's rooms?

Kids' nightlights can be plugged in.

The adorable night light for kids and the baby night light were both very gentle white lights that could also be used as a kids star light, kids rotating night light, kids star ceiling light, kids room LED light, kids room decorative night light, kids room lighting, kids adult bedroom decor, kids star light, and kids lamp.

Why should I choose our Kids Night Light Star Projector?

This special star light for the bedroom is designed to fit Baby Night Light, which makes Star Night Light Projectors that make Star Lights for Bedrooms.

A Kids' Only Night Light.

For two years, we offer quality guarantee.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

UL listed industrial pencil sharpener with stronger helical blade for 6.5-8mm No. 2 colored pencils, AFMAT electric pencil sharpener is the best for schools.

【Improved Motor: Up to 10000 SharpeningsTeachers and other individuals who frequently use pencil sharpeners should have this heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener.

This electric pencil sharpener has an improved, stronger motor that allows it to easily sharpen over 10,000 times in only three to five seconds.

Every time, the pencil point you get will be lovely and sharp.

When sharpening pencils, please do not press down too firmly since this will cause the pencil to "hum" instead of sharpening.

Sharpening Pencil with UL Listed Electric PenUL certified, our pencil sharpener in the classroom still works perfectly even after sharpening 100 pencils at once.

With a larger and more robust helical blade and motor than any other helical blade sharpener, it is quicker, more robust, and more powerful.

This heavy-duty pencil sharpener is the ideal present for kids, educators, students, engineers, kids, artists, and anybody else who needs one!

【Pencil Sharpener with Colors】 The moment a pencil is inserted into this high-quality pencil sharpener, it will begin sharpening itself.

When the motor sound changes and the sharpening resistance lessens, remove the pencil.

Excellent for colored pencils (Koh-I-Noor Progresso, Derwent, Verithins, Faber-castell, Prismacolor Premiers) and graphite.

It is not advised to sharpen SOFT CORE pencils as this could result in blade jams.

【Sharpener for Commercial Pencils】 It is an industrial and commercial pencil sharpener due to its high efficiency, quick speed, and frequent use.

It contains two safety mechanisms: it will not operate when the shavings box is removed or not closed tightly, and it will also not sharpen when it overheats.

Sharpening is more steady with non-skid food cushions at the bottom.

【Cordless Electric Pencil Sharpener】 An easy-to-use 120V US wall plug is included with this AFMAT electric pencil sharpener.

Please use to get in touch with us if there is anything about which you are not happy.

Officially licensed by Nintendo, the Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Blue) is an ergonomic handheld controller.

Experience a full-size controller while carrying it around.

larger D-pad, analog sticks, triggers, buttons, and grip Adaptable rear triggers, a working Turbo, and more Design in midnight blue Official Nintendo License

MIANOVA LED Bluetooth Speaker: Changing Night Light Wireless Speaker, Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 6 Color LED Themes, Supports AUX-in/TWS/MicroSD/USB Disk/Phone/PC/Handsfree

【Bluetooth Speaker】▶ TF card slot supported (TF card not included), USB to PC/Laptop/Computer, and supports all Bluetooth devices for audio playing.

Also allows hands-free speakerphone use.

With its highly integrated circuitry, the MIANOVA 22A offers six distinct color-changing themes, allowing for RGB light change.

In addition, allow for automatic light changes.

The MIANOVA speaker has an extended play time of 10 hours when the LED lights are off and 8 hours when they are on.

This is in addition to the after-sale service.

This is supplied by the premium 2000mAh Li-ion battery.

The Mianova after-sale team will assist you in resolving your problem as soon as possible if you have any questions about our product.

【Portable Music Box】▶ Includes a slot that supports up to 64GB of USB flash drive and TF card (not included).

With built-in compatibility for MP3 and WAV audio formats, you can carry this speaker about with over 500,000 songs.

An excellent internal power amplifier chip that can detect and inhibit output signal clipping distortion caused by high input audio and speech signal amplitude is known as the "anti-offset top loss" (ACF) output control function.

This characteristic alone gives the amplifier its "Fantacy Acoustic Effect." Sound quality can be greatly enhanced by adaptively preventing output clipping brought on by Boost boost voltage decline (broken sound).

Rechargeable pencil sharpeners for art pencils, AFMAT Artist Pencil Sharpener, Charcoal Pencil Sharpener, Long Point Pencil Sharpener, and Art Pencil Sharpener for 6-9.6mm Large Pencils—all in blue

Price: $27.99

【ARTISTS PENCIL SHARPENER FOR CAPACITIES UP TO 9.6 mm】: We have created this dual size long point pencil sharpener in response to numerous artists' feedback indicating that they require a larger hole for their large Prismacolor sketching pencils.

Pencils that are 6-9.6 mm in diameter can be sharpened with it.

The range of nib lengths is 8–17 mm.

Be aware that pencils with longer tips will have thicker cores.

Pencils with standard No.

2 lead don't have points this long.

(Tip: Avoid using really soft charcoal pencils.

) 5 ADAPTABLE POINTS FOR PENSIONS】The pencil nib's level of sharpness can be changed.

To change the drawing pencils' level of sharpness, turn the knob located on the back of this electric pencil sharpener.

Please be aware that this pencil sharpener may break lead, thus it is not recommended for use with very soft core pencils.

We suggest adjusting the sharpness settings to the intermediate setting if the cores of your pencils are soft to reduce the likelihood of breaking leads.

【AUTO STOP PENCIL SHARPENER】: In addition to automatically excluding broken lead, this art pencil sharpener will stop at a precise point.

Sharpening is done at a slower speed than previously in order to reduce the chance of lead breakage.

To prevent lead breakage, please remove the pencil slowly.

【BATTERY OPERATED PENCIL SHARPENER】: After one hour of charge, the incorporated 2000 mAh Lithium Battery allows for 100 uses.

Please be aware that the pencil sharpener cannot be used while it is charging.

Ideal for usage outside as well as in the studio, workplace, and home.

Please Note: The box does not contain an adapter.

At the sharpener's base is where the charging cable is concealed.

It may be charged via a cellphone adapter, a power bank, or a laptop charging cord.

【100% SATISFIED WARRANTY】:Please get in touch with us if you run into any issues while utilizing.

Our helpful customer support staff will provide a refund or deliver a new replacement.

Electric pencil sharpener, AFMAT retractable pencil sharpener, hands-free, fully automatic, quick sharpening, smooth tip, perfect for short pencils, 6-7.8mm colored pencils

【Totally Self-Sustained Electric Pencil Sharpener: Manual-freeSimply insert the pencil into the pencil sharpener, and it will automatically handle the auto-grab, auto-feed, and auto-eject functions. China wholesale battery cell machine manufacturer

For the protection of your hands, sharpening pencils only takes 4–8 seconds.

It also doesn't require constant hand pressure, allowing you to free up your hands, and it doesn't result in extremely sharp pencils—it automatically stops and saves pencils.

Be careful with those colored pencils that have a very soft core.

This pencil sharpener runs on a 2000mAh battery.

This colored pencil sharpener can sharpen 300 times on a single full charge thanks to its 2000mAh rechargeable battery.

It can be used while charging (better usage after charge), which means you won't have to wait for it to be fully charged, unplugged, and ready to use when you need it most.

This allows you to use it right when the battery is low but still has to be charged.

USB is a universal charging port (Note: Power adapter not provided).

【Short Sharpener: Eliminates Pencil Waste】It's always a hassle to sharpen short pencils because they often won't fit in standard electronic pencil sharpeners and require a manual pencil sharpener and manual sharpening.

Almost every part of a pencil can be used before it is thrown away because to the careful configuration of this electric pencil sharpener, which can handle even short pencils (up to 2.4 inches) without difficulty, contact, or hand strain.

【8000 Scoring Durations】With a blade life of over 8,000 sharpenings, the heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener's industrial-strength helical blade sharpens quickly and efficiently with maximum motor force.

This pencil sharpener lasts for an entire year because the blade is replaceable.

If you need a pencil that truly lasts and you go through them all quickly, grab it.

This colorful pencil sharpener has a clear reservoir that is exceptionally large and requires little emptying.

【FREE Lead Breakage & Two Sharpness Levels】Nibs on both levels are neither overly long (peel off

Up to 3.9 GHz Intel Quad-Core i5-8265U, Intel UHD 620, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, webcam, DVD, HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth, Windows 10 Home, and more. The HP 2020 Newest 17.3-Inch Premium Laptop is available in black.

8th Generation Intel Core i5-8265U Quad-Core Processor with 8GB DDR4 RAM Operating system: 64-bit Microsoft Windows 10 Home 256GB PCIe SSD drives Write a DVD Display & Resolution: HD+ SVA BrightView WLED-backlit 17.3" diagonal (1600 x 900)1600 by 900 Realtek RTL8723DE 802.11b/g/n (1x1) with Bluetooth 4.2 integrated 10/100/1000 GbE LAN graphics UHD Graphics 620 from Intel Numeric keypad and full-size island-style keyboard Slots and Ports: 1x USB 2.02x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A (Only for Data Transfer)one HDMIone RJ-45 One headphone/microphone pair Lithium-ion prismatic battery, three cells, 41 WHr Further Details:Size: 16.33 x 10.72 x 0.96 inchesWeight approximation: 5.44 poundsThe color jet black

Bang & Olufsen quad speakers, 64GB TechWarehouse flash drive, fingerprint, tilt pen, Poseidon blue, HP Spectre x360 Luxury 14T, 13.5" 3:2 WUXGA Touch, Intel i7-1165G7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Windows 11 Pro

ADVANCED PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCED "You simply must see the screen on this amazing 2-in-1." - PCMag "This 2-in-1 laptop hits all the right marks—from its performance to its pen to its privacy features." - Cnet The best companion of luxury and premium consumers is the HP Spectre 14T x360.

With its bluntly sharp edges, brilliant highlights, and strong and jaw-dropping design, the Spectre 14T x360 stands out in the crowded 2 in 1 market.

With its potent processor, excellent power management and efficiency, incredibly high-end chassis, and 13.5 WUXGA screen, this laptop is almost flawless.

The Spectre 14T x360 pushes the bar even farther, as it is difficult to top the incredible reputation that the Spectre 13T x360 established.

Videos seen on a high definition TV are vivid and full of crisp detail.

Reduce the amount of scrolling on the larger-than-life 3:2 aspect ratio display, which offers you more workspace.

To optimize your viewing experience, adaptive color dynamically modifies hues, lightness, and ultra-vivid colors according to your surroundings.

For maximum efficiency, Smart Sense adapts to your work habits and has in-bag detection, which lets it even know when to take a break.

Speakers from Bang & Olufsen produce remarkably rich audio.

With a high definition display, you can see more of the actual world; videos come to life in vivid, detailed clarity.

Reduce the amount of scrolling on the larger-than-life 3:2 aspect ratio display, which offers you more workspace.

Consistency at your fingertips.

With an unfailsafe privacy camera shutter key, you may maintain complete peace of mind and confidentiality.

Use the dedicated mute mic button to keep your discussions private.

Having the HP Spectre x360 14T puts you at the top of the luxury laptop league.

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