Aluminum laser welding technology and application

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With energy saving and environmental protection, automotive lightweight and other concepts of depth and popularity, the development of the automotive industry is facing a variety of pressures, automotive lightweight,battery pilot line body materials thinner and stronger is bound to become the trend.

Compared with steel material technology, aluminum alloy is a kind of development with high ductility and wear-resistant material, is used in automobile doors, roof, side and luggage compartment cover and other body design structure can be constructed when more can get highlight "lightweight".laser welding machine for lithium ion batteries The high practicality of the material means that we have a higher demand in processing enterprises, when using different laser welding aluminum alloy will release their own very high energy, aluminum alloy at high temperatures are prone to oxidation, porosity, cracks and other problems.

In order to effectively solve the problem of thermal cracking of aluminum alloy, independent development of advanced aluminum alloy laser welding technology, improve the welding quality of aluminum alloy, the advantages are outstanding.

Aluminum alloy laser welding technology

Aluminum alloy laser welding technology is highly demanding.ESS lithium battery machine Due to the high degree of laser reflection on the aluminum surface and the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, it is necessary to use high laser power to penetrate the alumina layer; the welding speed should be fast, and the laser spot should be small, in order to avoid the influence of aluminum viscosity on weld shaping and the small hole welding to increase the absorption of laser energy; it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the weld of the workpiece is dry, and to remove the elements of C and H, and to increase the protective gas, to avoid weld porosity, and to ensure that the surface of the weld is smooth.

In addition, the use of laser pendulum welding technology can make aluminum alloy tig welding laser. Using the laser head to stir the welding molten pool, change the composition of the welding molten pool by filling the wire, can effectively avoid welding thermal cracks, improve the quality of the welded joints, so as to develop a more stable and reliable welding technology to meet the needs of the market. The advantages of laser pendulum welding are very obvious, which can reduce porosity and cracks, realize the welding of different shapes of welds, improve the bridging ability, process stability and weld appearance quality, realize the welding of dissimilar materials, control the heat is small, the melt width, stirring fully combined and so on.

Overcoming technical difficulties

In order to achieve good welding effect, the welding process is constantly innovated throughout the process, and actively face the user's processing needs. Improve the welding quality and solve the process consistency of difficult-to-weld materials such as aluminum, copper, etc.; improve the process window by reducing the sensitivity of weld gap and weld alignment; balance the melting characteristics of different materials by adjusting the swing parameter, control the melting and solidification process of the transition layer material and improve the welding quality to meet the requirements of welding dissimilar materials; improve the weldability of the materials that are susceptible to defects, such as cracks, porosity, etc., so as to make it suitable for the welding materials sensitive to porosity and cracks, and gradually optimize the process and improve the defects by using the oscillating head.

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