How to apply for a China work visa? Can I work legally in China with a Chinese work visa?

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With the increase of China's comprehensive national power and international influence, many foreigners want to realize their dreams in China and more and more foreigners apply to work in China.

If you want to work in China, you need to have a China work visa first. However, China work visa is different from paper visa in other countries. To be precise, a China work visa is a valid document for foreigners to enter China, but you cannot legally work in China with just a China working visa extension hong kong.

This is confusing for many foreigners who need to work in China, so let's talk to you about China work visa today.

First of all, if foreigners want to work in China, they need to hold a Chinese work permit notice, then apply for a Chinese temporary work visa, also known as a Z visa, and then enter China with the Z visa. The work visa is very important as a valid document to enter China. Next I will list the documents you need to provide to apply for a work visa in China.

1. Valid passport

2.A recent color photo of the applicant

3.Personal medical report

4.Certificate of no criminal record

5.Proof of more than two years of relevant work experience

6. Proof of applicant's bachelor's degree or above

7.Other supporting documents as required.

Many foreigners have a lot of questions about work visas in China, and they are asking whether they can legally work in China after entering the country with a work visa. In fact, it is not so. If a foreigner wants to work legally in China, he/she can apply for a work visa to enter China after he/she receives a notice of work permit from China, but he/she cannot work legally in China with a work visa alone. Therefore, the applicant needs to apply for a work permit and a work-related residence permit.

According to China's relevant regulations, no unit or individual can employ a foreigner who has not obtained a work permit and a work-related residence permit, so how do you want to work legally in China, these two documents are indispensable!

If you want to get the visa you want, you must be prepared. Your work permit will not be approved if you encounter any of the following situations.

1. Incomplete application materials

2. Application materials are falsified

3. The application materials do not meet the requirements

4. the applicant is not qualified to work in China

5 . Other situations in which it is not appropriate to issue work permits to foreigners to come to China.

Therefore, in order to make your journey to China smoother, it is recommended that you provide true, complete and designed application materials based on the analysis of the conditions of foreigners coming to work in China and the terms of reference of the relevant departments of the foreigner's staff management.

Of course, coming to work in China is not a simple thing. There are also more documents you need to apply for, so if you find it difficult to apply for documents to work in China, or you are not sure how to prepare them, you can also seek help from professional platforms.

But you must remember to be clear about the professionalism when choosing the consulting platform because there are actually a lot of agent platforms in the market, but not all of them are professional. Therefore, if you want to get professional answers and guidance, it is better to understand the professionalism clearly in advance before signing the contract to avoid mistakenly entering the fraudulent platform.

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