Just concluded yesterday. It is not that City University does not work hard, but science and technology have made great progress


What do you think of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University surpassing the City University of Hong Kong to become the fourth Time and USNEWS University ranking? ?

Just concluded yesterday. 40 under 40 awardIt is not that City University does not work hard, but science and technology have made great progress this year, and City University has also improved by more than 20.

Hong Kong schools have made their own progress, and China Science and Technology City is more than 20 big progress, Gen. T Listthe University of Hong Kong Polytechnic is 60 rocket technology progress, which can also reflect the importance of stable development environment under the epidemic.

The first is the University of Hong Kong, ranked 76th in the world in Asia, last year's impression was more than 80.

Second is the University of Hong Kong, ranked eighth in Asia out of 82 universities worldwide, with just over 100 last year. The top 120 has made great progress, rising by about 25 places.

Third is the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which ranks 105th in Asia (tied with Shanghai), Design talent awardup from more than 130 last year. The first 150 should be relatively large in progress, about 30 feet tall

Fourth is Hong Kong Polytechnic, which ranks 124th globally and 15th in Asia. Last year it was over 180. It should be the fastest progress award of the Hong Kong School, and the top 200 should also be the fastest progress award. Others are a few, up more than a dozen, Hong Kong Polytechnic rose 60.

Fifth is OG's Alma mater as well as Hong Kong Development Urban Transport University, world 141 Asia 19, impression last year was 162. Although the continuous rise of more than 20 students can be very wrong, but the Hong Kong Polytechnic is too fierce directly over the past.

Sixth place is Hong Kong Baptist University, world 610 Asia 130.

Seventh is the Education University of Hong Kong, world 886 Asia 222.

It is good that they are making progress. cityu is now in the top 200 in the QS 50-60 ranking, in the top 200 in the THE150 USNEWS140 ARWU ranking, and in the top 200 in the top four. If they strive to get into the top 150 on all four leaderboards, so much the better.

Let's take a look at Cheng University's ranking in the list.

QS: In recent years, Cityu has been hovering around the top 50. 2019QS is 55th, this year 53rd.

The 2022 ranking did drop, to 151 in 2018,119 in 2014 and 201-225 in 2014, so the 2022 ranking is still better than it was eight years ago.

ARWU: I remember when I applied (in '18), it was 201-300 and now it's 151-200. It's been improved.

USNEWS put the number at 162 last year. There are 141 of the top 150 this year. In years past, that number would have been lower.

In short, the Polytechnic University has been making progress, the Hong Kong University has gradually become stronger, and Hong Kong has gradually restored its vitality. I am proud to study in Hong Kong!

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