Kitchen countertops quartzite or rock slab, which to choose?

quartz benchtops

The question itself is not valid. Quartz stone and rock slab put a piece of choice, the premise is the wallet decision, not a preference decision, as for the performance becomes secondary, if the funds do not allow, can only understand.

Quartzite, as the name suggests the composition is due time,carrara quartz benchtops resin and other elements pressed into artificial stone, there is hardness, high temperature resistance, there is also a very important point is that the flame retardant and non-toxic, and can be in direct contact with food;

When we talk about rock slabs, we must distinguish between two concepts,calacatta gold quartz supplier the difference between ceramic slabs and rock slabs. In the past, many people use ceramic board as rock board, this is not wrong, this is a relatively high-grade low-grade products, like many people use large ceramic board as a TV wall, realize the stage, this is the ordinary board, is the first product ceramic board.

As for too much terminology, there is no need to go deeper. Both types of rock slabs can be called ceramic slabs, but ceramic slabs are not strictly true rock slabs. The difference in technology and production costs between the two;

Tiles, ceramic slabs as well as rock slabs are equivalent to products designed through different production technology processes, and their water absorption rate, specification size, and wear-resistant density are a different. So we apply the scope of research is not the same, the price is also because of their own production process of the equipment of the factors, the current development of the rock slab is not ordinary people can accept the ordinary materials.

As for what we all think of the difference between imported rock slabs and domestic, do not go after, imported rock slabs price is ridiculously high, it is possible that through the process technology is really not the same, but they are for the people of a common decoration design use, almost no same, have the money to try imported rock slabs.

1. Scratch resistance, slate and quartzite is not much difference. Used as kitchen countertops, no one uses quartzite to sharpen knives, so scratch resistance is uniform.

2. High temperature resistance. Although quartzite is used as a countertop because of its heat resistance, there is no way to compare it to rock slabs that are fired at temperatures over 1,000 degrees. In contrast, rock slabs are also heat resistant, so rock slabs are bound to win, while quartzite will inevitably change at high temperatures due to its internal resin, but rarely does the resin not burn. Ordinary kitchen use and do not use quartz stone fire, so can be ignored.

3. Anti-pollution ability. Because the slab is pressed at high temperatures, it can be said that there are almost no gaps inside, so anything is almost impervious; but quartz stone is not the same. Even the best quartz stone sauce will bleed after 24 hours. That's how hardworking quartz stone always looks new, and lazy quartz stone tends to be all over the place.

4. Resistance to knocks and falls. This point makes a big drop as well as glasses, quartzite win, and rock plate will lose a mess; this can be very good to understand, the more hard things with the more brittle, the two can not be both, so rock plate is most afraid of hard objects bump, from this we point of view, the same worktop chopping meat, quartzite design to be more than the rock plate resistant to beat up. At this point, someone needs to say the imported will not, this is not in-depth, because they did not personally test. Imported rock plate can do the thinnest thickness of 3mm, beat resistance depends on how to beat.

So whether you use slate or quartzite, the lower part of the cabinet stone must do pad processing, do not use a variety of materials keel, which is artificially raised stone, more likely to crack broken.

5. Price. Quartz stone is definitely cheaper. Rock plate according to the thickness of different colors, the price is several times or even dozens of times the quartz stone.

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